Yea, I Said That

So, many of you were asking what I said or did the other day that made me write that email…

   well, truth is, I could probably look back and choose a few examples, but I’ll answer with transparency the one that inspired me to share Monday.

I was actually doing something nice when I said something stupid.

   I was in the midst of my presentation paying tribute to my wife, Ms. Barb, when I said something that I kind of meant to say, but that came out differently than the way I meant to say it.

Here’s the blog version of the tribute to Barb in case you missed it by the way.

My words came out better here. 🙂

So anyways, I was talking about how much I appreciate Barb’s abilities and strengths in bridging areas of weakness for me…

   that was ok, but i ended up talking about people whining and later felt bad about the way I said it.

What I really meant to say was just that Barb is much more patient and empathetic than I and I am so grateful that she brings those gifts to some areas of responsibility for me. 

  But I didn’t mean to call anyone whiny, nor insinuate that I don’t care.

1. sometimes some people do legitimately have more to fret about. So I didn’t mean to appear judgmental about that, but rather to admit that I’m not good at it.

  See, most of my weaknesses are also my strengths. So I am very weak at being a good listener and empathizing when someone just wants to be heard.

I’m working on that by the way. There is no excuse for it. But anyway, as I meant to say, Barb is great at it! 

What I am great at is helping coach people through problems and to solutions, at remaining positive and at developing mental toughness and resilience, and applying at these things, through Focus and Discipline towards making their lives and situations better, and as great as they can be.

    But people don’t always want or need that. Sometimes they just want someone to sit their quietly and listen. And I am grateful for Barb, and others like her, with that gift!

And I’m going to get better at it too. 

   Funny story by the way…

I did a good job just listening and empathizing with someone yesterday! Someone I care about, and that I messed up with in that area in the past…

   and then they told Barb later, “he said he wasn’t going to give me advice on it and just listened and acknowledged what I was saying. I came to him for advice.”

(insert laughing emoji)

Barb told her she should have said so because I “was probably trying to be good”.

   Lesson learned, I guess I should’ve asked and not assumed. 🙂

2. I do care deeply. In fact, I find my greatest joy, significance and fulfillment in helping others.

   It’s why I do what I do.

Over the past 23 years of growing my school, I have had the honor and privilege of not only helping and healing myself, and living progressively into my full potential, but in helping many others to do the same.

   Not only that, I have been able to compress four decades of leadership and character development learning into my program, so students today can learn what I did so much faster and younger than I did! 

I’m good at some things, bad at others and even great at a few.

   And nothing makes my day more than when someone shares with me that I have been able to make a positive difference in their life.

It’s what I’m called to do.

Sensei Allie posted this and it made my day.

I am so proud of and grateful for her.

   And also that she too is one of the amazing team that today helps me sow into you!

Can’t wait, because I know some of you reading this (you know who you are) are future Sensei too!

Click here for your 2 week free trial. 

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Grand Master Stephen J. Del Castillo
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