It’s unlike me to usually use someone else’s material- as you know, I like to write and share my own. But Andy sent me such a good message this morning, I felt I had to share it with you:   🔥 One Thing All Successful People Do How many times have you seen people going Read More

No idea, no matter how good, will work if it doesn’t get used… Even with the most ardent self improvement enthusiasts, any program that takes too much time, requires too much sacrifice, or is too complex to use easily will not get used. Some personal growth concepts too often fall into the same category as Read More

Yes, that was also a subject line meant specifically to get you to read on, but it also happens to be largely true.   We live in an age where some put higher value on people’s “feelings” than on productivity, or even sometimes on what’s right. But that’s not the focus of this blog, because Read More

One of our favorite sayings, reference our self defense training, is that we pray for the best, but train for the worst.    There are two hopefully obvious insinuations of this maxim which are: better to be prepared and never need it, that to need it and not be prepared and,  we must train realistically, Read More