How do I tie my belt?  Click HERE for the answer! What is that “Creed” you do before the start of class? Well that is our student creed and HERE is a video to help you memorize it. What is my next belt and when should I expect to test for it? All KMMA students Read More   Tonight I was teaching my Blackbelts about the self defense timeline of a given scenario. We trained several self defense scenarios and then I made sure that they realized that they were progressive defenses based on the developing scenario as the timeline progressed. As the timeline progresses, the problem we are dealing with Read More

It’s been a great summer hasn’t it!   It’s so great to see everyone coming back from the pandemic and getting back to the things that they love, including KMMA! And what a great Summer we’ve had already at KMMA! The great Sensei Ben Borton led an amazing Martial Arts Training & Leadership “Rank Camp”! Read More