Congratulations to Tom Brady and the Buccaneers on the impressive win over Brees and The Saints!      It was a great game, as could be expected when two great teams with two legendary winning quarterbacks compete. The truth is, I was ready to write this blog or one entitled “Even The GOAT (Greatest of ALL Time) Read More

After every NFL game, you’ll see players from both teams meet at midfield, where they exchange pleasantries, many catching up with friends and former teammates. After every NFL game in which Tom Brady plays, you’ll see rows of players jockeying for position for their chance to talk to the G.O.A.T. For Taylor Heinicke, after Washington’s Read More

I Never Promised You A Rose Garden.      Ok unless you’re old enough to remember the song made popular by Lynn Anderson in 1970, that intro was lost on you. But as I was thinking about my topic for this morning, I thought about the song and the following line that says “along with the sunshine, Read More

We are at war, and rather we win this particular battle or not is the most important indicator of whether we’ll win the war. In this blog I’ll explain the battle, unmask the enemy and share the secret weapon that will ensure you win if you’re willing to use it. If that interests you, read Read More