One of our favorite sayings, reference our self defense training, is that we pray for the best, but train for the worst.    There are two hopefully obvious insinuations of this maxim which are: better to be prepared and never need it, that to need it and not be prepared and,  we must train realistically, Read More

Blackbelt Leadership Experience (Click Image for Video Link) Blackbelt Leadership Program Testimonials “My youngest son wanted to do karate and so I looked up martial arts dojos in the area. I’m so glad, I found this place! That was a year ago and we have both our sons in the program. A few months later, Read More

Check out our all new September Kickin’ Newsletter that includes lessons on Self Confidence, Nutrition, Words of the Week, and more! Also includes a Kids Corner with fun activities for kids, info on how to join the ambassador program, and our entire September calendar of Events! Just click on the “September Newsletter” link below to Read More

Dear Krav Maga Martial Arts Families, We want to thank you. Thank you for being dedicated students and showing perseverance by going to class, either Live or Virtual Training, in proper uniform and full attention, ready to learn. Your hard work does not go unnoticed, and we love watching you learn. Thank you, parents for Read More