Granted, the training is the most important part. We help people get physically and mentally fit, learn to defend themselves, develop Focus, Respect, Discipline, Confidence, Gratitude and Vision, prepare them with skills and attributes to survive and thrive in any situation, and empower them with leadership skills for success in school, work, business and life! Read More

    The first of the 6 Blackbelt Foundational Superpowers that I write about in my book, and that we teach at KMMA, is Focus. The basic definition of it is in my meme above, but there is so much more. We also often think about kids when we think about Focus- clearly it is Read More

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Of all the great leadership techniques and tools that I learned while in the Army, one of the greatest is the After Action Review (AAR). The After Action Review is conducted after every operation to review the plan, what really happened, what went well and what didn’t. The AAR allows us to put structure and Read More

It’s hard to believe that my dojo turns 21 this weekend. The actual date is Oct 29, and we’ll be celebrating Saturday the 30th. 21 is a special year. My eldest son turned 21 this year too. I am so proud of and grateful for him, and also for the dojo that he and his Read More