As you probably know, we are a leadership development academy and I am a consummate student and teacher of leadership. So, when we went away to “sharpen the sword”, the term I give to personal and professional development in a warrior’s nod to Stephen Covey’s 7th habit of “sharpening the saw”, we were adhering to Read More

It’s Fantastic Friday! My wife and I are in Annapolis at the US Naval Academy, learning from and with Captain Cao who is a graduate of here, Grand Masters Oliver and Smith, and many other martial arts leaders from around the country. We are here to learn, to marinate, to recharge, to mastermind and to Read More

  Most of my throwback Thursday blogs will be happy stories about the many great Blackbelt Leaders that we have raised as children, and that are now amazing adults making fantastic contributions through leadership. I’ll be writing about Sensei Ben and Sensei Mac, Taylor the naval aviator, Matt the Army Major, Julie the ministry leader Read More

I usually write about someone specifically in our community, but this man’s words are so spot on in this quote, that I had to share them and Winner Wednesday seemed as good a time as any. The Blackbelt Leader Foundational Superpowers that I teach in my school and explain in my book are: FOCUS, RESPECT, Read More

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Today’s Team Tuesday is about our beloved Head Instructor, Sensei Sarah. Every student loves Sensei Sarah. She’s confident and competent, sweet and compassionate, and fun to be around. Sensei Sarah, like all success stories has, well, a story. She wasn’t always the happy, confident Blackbelt Leader you see before you today. Sarah started with KMMA Read More