Good Enough Is The Enemy Of Excellent   One of the Blackbelt Leadership principles we teach is that “good enough is the enemy of excellent”. It’s an important reminder that we can always be better, do better and create better. It’s used in the context of our martial arts training and also relevant to every Read More

March is our Spring Membership Drive At KMMA! Join Us For These Free KMMA Community Events! Saturday March 6- KMMA Community Free Pizza Party Friday March 12- St. Patrick’s Day Parents Night Out March 26- Graduation Celebration & Blackbelt Extravaganza  You can also join us for our Open House & Register For Your 2 Week Free Trial & Orientation! Read More

I have so much to be grateful for, and I practice awareness of this and feeling Gratitude daily. Gratitude is the 5th of 7 “Superpowers” I teach and discuss in my soon to be released book: Meditations On Mastery, Developing Your Superpowers.   Today I am grateful for my students and others that have already backed Read More

  As much as I try to avoid highly controversial subjects on social media, it seems as though I have started a great debate on rather or not superheroes should wear capes. I grew up with Superman and Batman and am of the camp that believes they do. Others, perhaps spurred by the philosophies of Read More

Hello Family!      I am so excited about my books that will be published this Spring! Meditations On Mastery Volume One is Developing Your Superpower, and I have included a small sample of the last chapter I am writing below. Volume Two is The 7 Blackbelt Leadership Lessons for Mastering Your Mission.   I Read More