Want to be happier, lose weight, make more money, have better relationships, do better in school, at work, in business, in martial arts or whatever? The greatest indicator of one’s success in any area is attitude.   I know it sounds like hyperbole, but I don’t believe it is. While aptitude is important and there Read More

Today I am grateful for Vitamin D- Discipline. Many are vitamin D deficient and all of us sometimes. With too little of it, we are victims of circumstances or at least the of our previous poor decisions; but with an abundance of Vitamin D, we can reverse our direction to one more favorable and our Read More

Excellence happens daily, but not in a day.      John Maxwell This is one of the many important lessons that are part of our Blackbelt Leadership Program at Krav Maga Martial Arts. The truth of the message is clear at weekends like these last two- the Blackbelt Test and the Blackbelt Extravaganza. You see, Read More

Today I am grateful for the gift of leadership; it’s a huge responsibility, but preparedness makes it a great adventure and a Blessing instead of a curse. TampaKravMaga.com     I was thinking about a teachable moment I was about to have with a follower when I wrote this, and how every leadership interaction we Read More