In my reading this morning, I came across the very best definition of productivity that I have ever heard. I felt I should share it with you. In Ch. 7 of No BS Time Management for Entrepreneurs, technique # 5 (which is to fight to link everything to your goals) Dan Kennedy defines productivity.   Read More

Hi! Barb (my wife) just got off the phone and the boards for next week are on the way! We got 3 different thicknesses, for 3 different age groups- so don’t worry, everyone will experience success! More importantly I have an amazing lesson planned about how the ABC’s (Aim, Backup and Confidence) makes one successful Read More

This blog may not be news to you. You may have heard it before. On the other hand, I was talking to a young man this weekend who had never heard about the concept of the dash, and was moved by it; maybe it will be new to you too. In either case, it is Read More

I have had a beautiful weekend in Middleburg Florida with my wife, Barbara, and my eldest son, Harley. Barbara is also our KMMA Program Director and Shihan Harley is also a Master Instructor at the school. We came to Middleburg to spend some time with my friend Master Jan Lappin and her Team at Middleburg Read More