Part One: On Mastery of Self   Chapter One- The Past   A past is like an opinion- we all have one. Some memories are pleasant and some are not. Some memories are victories and some are defeat. Some events built us and others almost broke us. Some of us got bitter and some of Read More

The vision of Krav Maga Martial Arts is to touch lives in a positive way and improve people, families and society – one Black Belt at a time! The mission is empowering lives through martial art! To teach excellence, achieved through the values of perseverance and honor and conduct all business in accordance with these Read More

Latest graduating class of Blackbelts and various degrees, Oct 3 2020! Congratulations! They have camaraderie btw.   I was thinking this morning about my time in the Army and what I’ve missed about it and, while there is more than one thing, the greatest is the camaraderie. Then I started thinking about my 38 years Read More

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