Krav Maga Martial Arts, the area leader in real world self defense, has partnered with The Human Trafficking Foundation to fight what is the second largest criminal enterprise in the world and a real world threat to our women and children.   Now you can learn to defend yourself and your family, while also donating Read More

This morning, as I was sitting on the patio sipping coffee and watching the glory of nature as part of my morning rituals, I was meditating upon things as I also often do. It all started when Barbara (my wife) remarked that my new Bowflex adjustable dumbbells are made in China. So we ended up Read More

  As much as I try to avoid highly controversial subjects on social media, it seems as though I have started a great debate on rather or not superheroes should wear capes. I grew up with Superman and Batman and am of the camp that believes they do. Others, perhaps spurred by the philosophies of Read More

My friend Andy Frisella sent me this email this morning and I think it so spot on addresses one of the most important principles of success that I decided to share it with my audience today. How Will You Spend Your Time Today? Where you are today is a result of your habits in the Read More