As much as I try to avoid highly controversial subjects on social media, it seems as though I have started a great debate on rather or not superheroes should wear capes.

I grew up with Superman and Batman and am of the camp that believes they do.

Others, perhaps spurred by the philosophies of Edna Mode, believe that they should not.


Whichever camp you are in, I will admit that the real life Blackbelt Leadership Superheroes of KMMA do, in fact, not wear capes.

While I have ignored the naysayers to choose that the avatars of my KMMA Sensei, and champions of my new book- Meditations On Mastery Vol. One: Developing Your Superpowers- do wear capes; as you can see in the picture below, their real life inspiration indeed do not.


(they do wear Leadership Blue uniforms now though btw)


At any rate, I need your help in solving the great cape controversy….

Please participate in this survey about rather superheroes should wear capes (the animated ones):

Do Superheroes Wear Capes?


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Thank you in advance for joining us on our quest to defend and develop Truth, Justice and the American Way!