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KMMA Mission

The vision of Krav Maga Martial Arts is to touch lives in a positive way and improve people, families and society – one Black Belt at a time!

  • The mission is empowering lives through martial art!

    • To teach excellence, achieved through the values of perseverance and honor and conduct all business in accordance with these same values.

    • To arm children with self-esteem, provide them with the life skills of success and partner with parents and schools to prepare them to lead productive lives.

    • To provide the highest quality instruction in the martial arts and help people realize their personal goals through our various programs.

    • To provide fun, positive and open atmosphere where people are respected, families are appreciated and community is strengthened.

    • To continuously evolve to better serve our customers and team members towards the realization of our mission statement and values.

    • To raise up tomorrow’s leaders today by providing the culture, training, environment and opportunities to the youth, teens, and adults can grow into the leaders they are called to be – in their homes, communities, country and world.

-Stephen J. Del Castillo

Founding Instructor, Oct 2000