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     I am so excited about my books that will be published this Spring!

Meditations On Mastery Volume One is Developing Your Superpower, and I have included a small sample of the last chapter I am writing below.

Volume Two is The 7 Blackbelt Leadership Lessons for Mastering Your Mission.

  I am confident both will entertain, educate and edify you and be a great supplement to your training or a great resource even if you don’t train with us yet.

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Ch 7 Discovering and Developing YOUR Unique Superpowers


     Throughout this book I have talked with you about developing the core foundational superpowers of success. The core superpowers of Focus, Respect, Discipline, Confidence, Gratitude and Vision that we teach in our KMMA Foundations Program prepare youth, teens, adults and families to qualify for training to Blackbelt and beyond, and for success in the martial arts, school, business and life. Combined with the 7 Blackbelt Leadership Lessons that I teach in my Blackbelt Leadership Training program, and explain in detail in the sequel to this book, the foundational superpowers equip us to do amazing things in every area of our lives. In this chapter, I get to talk to you about one of the superpowers that I am most passionate about- yours.


     I believe that every person was placed upon this earth to fulfill a particular purpose. Unlike the six core superpowers, that can be developed by anyone and are essential for everyone (at least to do great things), each person has a unique, personal and special calling- a mission in life that God created them to do and that only they can do in the particular way they are called to do it. It’s a travesty in life when people fail to discover what their calling is, and even worse when they do know it, but fail to answer that call. Fear, complacency, confusion, distraction, low self esteem, or a lack of any of the six core superpowers could be the enemy that keeps the would-be superhero from answering his or her call.


In this chapter, I will show you how to discover what your calling is, develop the unique superpowers you are equipped with to answer that call, and also challenge you to help others do the same. I believe that when each and all of us answer our call, and live it, we are better individually, but also together as a team, family, community and people.


7.1 The Prerequisites to Answering Your Call


7.2 Clues To Discovering What You ARe Called To Do


7.3 Discovering Your Superpowers


7.4 Developing Your Superpowers and Learning To Control Them


7.5 Using Your Powers For Good


7.6 Pass It On

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Developing Your SuperPower