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KMMA Winter Challenge

Basic Training:


Level One BBT/LTC:


Level Two:


Level 3:




How The Challenge Works!


  1. It is perfectly OK to just enjoy your Christmas/Winter Break. If you are away or just off and spending quality time with family, DO THAT! We approve! I made the decision to take this break every year so that my Team, as well as students, can take a break. It’s important.
  2. Having said that, I UNDERSTAND that some of you will be going stir crazy if you take that long without practice, so I have created this fun challenge to give you training, practice and the spirit of healthy competition over the break. I will personally award 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes in every class and age group when we return! More importantly, you all win in having the work available should you want it. 
  3. REMEMBER, the last thing I want to do is create stress/work over your vacation so this is totally voluntary; but in the spirit of above and beyond that I always strive to create, I also don’t want you bored at home so enjoy if you want to!
  4. Here are the rules of the challenge, should you choose to accept it:
    1. Shihan Harley Del Castillo and I broke the challenge down by level for you so, if you are a beginner still in basic training, you have links there; if you are in Blackbelt Training or Blackbelt Leadership Training and a white, yellow or orange belt, you are evel one; purple, blue, green is level two; brown, red and junior blackbelt is level three and all Blackbelts are level four though I also teach a Mastery Quest class to 3rd Degree and higher monthly.
    2. But, there are 3 levels of the challenge:
      1. You can watch, learn, practice and record yourself at your own level.
      2. Over-achievers can also work one level up.
      3. Mavericks that always wanna do more than you’re supposed to- you know who you are- can work their way up as high as they wish!
      4. This choice does not affect the contest- it’s only for you to best serve your own personality. 🙂
    3. Here’s how you earn points:
      1. One point for every time you post/share a video of yourself performing for each of:
        1. The KMMA Google Classroom (direct questions to Shihan Harley
        2.  The KMMA Official Facebook Page or KMMA Virtual Dojo
        3. YOUR Facebook Page with hashtag #ilovekmma
        4. YOUR Instagram Page with hashtag #ilovekmma
        5. Or any other of those social media ya’all use with #ilovekmma 
        6. DOUBLE POINTS if you do it with your family
        7. DOUBLE POINTS if you teach a friend
      2. You can also earn points for sharing KMMA this season.
        1. 10 points for sharing this beautiful gift certificate. You can use the digital one below or let me know if you’d like a real one to give. We were wrapping them with white belts at the graduation but I know some of you didn’t make it.
        2. 25 points more when your friend starts classes next year. 
          • Leadership students can help teach in their basic classes for Legacy Team points too! 
    4. Here are the prizes (to be awarded in class Jan 4-9, 2021)
      1. One Black Character stripe for completing your level.
      2. One Silver Excellence Stripe for every ten points.
      3. 1st place trophies, plus second and third place medals for runners up in every class!
      4. Fun, bragging rights and the increased confidence and competence my challenge will create. 🙂


Can’t wait to see your videos!


     Live & Lead!

     Grand Master Stephen Del Castillo