What It’s All About

Hello KMMA Family,

I often speak of the fact that, while we do teach the most practical self defense program in the world, our program is about so much more than self defense. It’s a leadership development program first and foremost.


Today I want to share a couple of testimonials from KMMA Blackbelts. Kyle Bierly started when he was four, and Phoeniz when she was 66.

  They both became champions and are both still growing in the KMMA family today.

Hear what they have to say and then click here to schedule your first class and start your leadership journey with us today!

      Shihan Steve



“When it comes to self-defense instruction, Krav Maga Martial Arts is an industry leader. It’s because they offer so much more than self-defense instruction. KMMA helps each student, regardless of their age or their challenges, to grow and develop life skills that will guide them toward a productive and positive future.

I started training at KMMA when I was 66 — honestly doubting that at that age I could be fully successful. I found nothing but encouragement. Today, at 71 — nearly 72 — I am working toward testing next year for my 2nd degree black belt. With the guidance I have received, in addition to learning self-defense, I have have improved physically and I continue to hone and polish my life skills.

Regardless of one’s age, I recommend KMMA to anyone and everyone for learning new things, for self-improvement and for fun.”

-Phoenix McKinney