The WIN Principle

My Krav Maga Martial Arts students are testing this week.

Part of each test is something called a “stress drill”.

The students perform their self defense skills “under stress”.

Of course the intensity of the challenge in these tests gets harder as students progress, through the levels of training, on their way to Blackbelt and beyond.


The stress goes up as they prove they can handle more and, at each level, they get better for the experience.

The old challenge is less difficult to them so they’re given a new, greater test, so that they can grow again.

I talked about the similarities between this process and the one that applies to the stress tests of real life in the blog I wrote last week,

Today I want to talk about a great technique for managing the stress of both tests- the one that tests my students self defense skills by placing them in stressful scenarios replicating the challenges of real world self defense…

and also the stressors that exist in all the other tests that life deals us.


We call it the “WIN” principle.

Win stands for “What’s Important Now” and “What’s Important Next.”

Rather in the classroom, real life self defense or the day to day tests of life, the answer to these two questions help us prioritize our actions, reactions and decisions in the most effective way.

Applying the principle helps us make the best use of our time, energy and other resources in the most effective and efficient way.

It helps us deal with the greatest threats, or most important opportunities, and keeps us from being distracted by other things.


WIN keeps us moving in a purposeful way, that:

1. keeps us moving (analysis paralysis is the enemy of excellence in every test),

2. helps us control our emotions, because we have a sense of control when we have a plan, and are working it;

3. makes it far more likely that we will survive and thrive in any situation and,

4. as I have already alluded to, gives us the opportunity to get better and better, to level up, as we continue to train.


WIN to win!

You got this!


Prepare To Live; Empower To Lead!

Grand Master Stephen J. Del Castillo
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