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Summer Camp!

Signup for Camp One Here (June 14-25)!

Signup for Camp Two Here (July 19-30)!

This year KMMA has committed to provide THE BEST Summer Camp for a few of our most serious students!

  • Have fun, train hard, learn and promote!
  • Camp is open to all ranks, ages 6-adult and of course will be broken down to appropriate training groups.
  • While all levels are welcome (you can even invite first timer friends) there is an important pre-qualifier, you have to be a serious student who wants to train hard and become better. We made a conscious decision we didn’t want a goof around camp this summer- students will still have fun, but this will be a serious training camp run by serious KMMA Sensei.
  • Testing, Rank Promotion,¬†Souvenir Pic, Video & T-shirt All Included!
    • (also a great way for senior students to prep for Blackbelt test!)
  • There is a 25% discount for all Blackbelt Leadership students and families. Use coupon code “Blackbelt”!