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Spring Krav Camp 2021 OPORD


SUBJECT: Operations Order, Spring Krav Camp 2021



a. Enemy Forces. There is much spiritual and social unrest, crime and danger in the United States of America today. COVID has affected many in various ways too. A small group of motivated success warriors have converged upon an icon of hope known as KMMA to stage a rebellion against the enemy forces of crime, complacency, disease, weakness, boredom and fear.

b. Friendly Forces.

2.  MISSION:  We will deploy to the AO, via 13247 Word Of Life Dr, Hudson, FL 34669, on Saturday March 20 to conduct training operations in Krav Maga Martial Arts to include KMMA Combatives & Self Protection, Kickboxing and Kali!


      a.  Intent: It is my intent that all participants have a great training experience, learn a lot of great martial art, make new friends and form great memories and that we do it all in a fun and safe environment with no accident or injury. All students will experience the whole of KMMA’s curriculum and Blackbelts and Blackbelt candidates preparing for testing will especially be prepared to win! We have been doing Krav Camps for over 14 years now and every Krav Maga Camp has been better than the one before. It is my intent to make this one the best camp yet! We will have four training groups this year: beginner, intermediate, advanced and instructor, plus a special group for youth.

     b.  Tasks to Subordinate Units:

     c.  Training timeline:

          Wednesday, 10 March Leader’s Recon

          Friday, 19 March Blackbelt Presentations

          Saturday, 20 March: 

          0900-1000: Warm-ups, Combatives, Drills 4 Skills & Team Building  (KMMA1-3)

          1000-1100: Punch and Kick Defense (KMMA4&5)

          1100-1200: Kickboxing (KMMA7) 

          1200-1300: Lunch 

          1300-1400:  Self Defense- Foundations (KMMA6), Bearhug Series (KMMA8), Grabs & Holds Standing (KMMA9)

           1400-1700: Advanced KMMA Training with Grand Master & Team KMMA!

           Evo 1

           Leverages & Take-downs (KMMA10)

           Ground Defense (KMMA11)

           Evo 2

           Stick defense (KMMA12)

           Gun Defense (KMMA14)

           Long gun (KMMA-P2M)

           Multiple Attackers (KMMA-P2M)

           Evo 3

           Kali Blade (KMMA-P2M)

           Surviving The Cut (KMMA13)

          d.  Coordinating Instructions:  

               i.  Blackbelts and Blackbelt Candidates will stay for evening activities and Blackbelt test next morning. They should be registered for the Blackbelt Retreat.

              ii.  All other warriors should be processed for camp by completing registration here.

             iii.  Certification of training will be issued by Krav Maga Martial Arts.


      a.  INSTRUCTIONS: Bring bug juice, sleeping bag or blankets and pillow, underwear, towels and toiletries and multiple training shirts and socks and a camp chair for sitting around the fire if staying over. Everyone should bring a gallon of water and/or other training beverages you prefer. Groin cup, mouthpiece and shin guards are also recommended for all. Bunks, chow and training pads and some training weapons will be provided. If you’re not flying, and have your own training knife and/or gun, please bring with you.

      b.  UNIFORM for training is class B, KMMA T-shirt, pants and belt.  Blackbelts and candidates wear Class A for presentations Friday and B for testing Sunday.

      c.  CHOW is provided by the Word of Life Award Winning dining facility! 


     a.  GM Del Castillo will be the commanding officer for the operation.

     b.  Signal: POC this order is GM Del Castillo at

     c.  If you are attending this Krav Camp, please review appendix A to make sure you’re on it and, if not, call 813-948-4844 or email so we can fix it.

     d.  If you still need to register for this epic event, you may do so at–PghMi




                                             STEPHEN J. DEL CASTILLO

                                             Founding Instructor, KMMA and Krav Camp!




A-TEAM (BLACKBELTS & CANDIDATES)- Shihan Harley Del Castillo & Shihan Carolyn Borton

  • Winston Del Castillo (testing for 3rd Degree, Sandan)
  • Brittany Bishop (testing for 2nd Degree, Nidan)
  • Tammy Henrici (testing for 2nd Degree, Nidan)
  • Shannon Hoffman (testing for 2nd Degree, Nidan)
  • Phoenix McKinney (testing for 2nd Degree, Nidan)
  • Umberto Rivera (testing for 2nd Degree, Nidan)
  • Huntley Gallimore (testing for 1st Degree, Shodan)
  • David Giusto (testing for 1st Degree, Shodan)
  • Ruthe Flores (testing for blackbelt recommended)
  • Gabby Gray (testing for blackbelt recommended)
  • Anna Mathura (testing for blackbelt recommended)
  • Alex Sallustio (testing for blackbelt recommended)
  • Christina Sallustio (testing for blackbelt recommended)
  • Jake Sallustio (testing for blackbelt recommended)
  • Charlie Wittwer (testing for blackbelt recommended)
  • Lawrence Finnerty (testing for Jr Blackbelt)
  • Joseph Diamantopolous (testing for Jr Blackbelt)
  • Zachary Glenn (testing for Jr Blackbelt)
  • Luke Sallustio (testing for Jr Blackbelt)
  • Matthew Zheutlin (testing for Jr Blackbelt)


B-TEAM (BEGINNERS)- Sensei Sarah Church  

  • Seif Ben Rejeb
  • Geno Flores, Jr.
  • Drew Gold
  • Tanya Gold
  • Jacob Greene
  • Lori Humble
  • Adriana Johnson
  • Isabella Johnson
  • Nathan Johnson
  • Ryleigh Lynch
  • Trevor MacDonald
  • Victor Mandia
  • Kayla Pham
  • Kaylina Pham
  • David Sparks
  • Robert Tanner


C-TEAM (INT/ADVANCED ADULTS)- Sensei Kyle Bierly, Sensei Ben Borton & Sensei Mackenzie

  • Ruth Baumann
  • Bob Carpenter
  • Michelle Cummings
  • Flynn Cummings
  • Luna Cummings
  • Nathan Dorman
  • Scott Dorman
  • Geno Flores, III
  • Jordan Flores
  • Abrielle Gilbert
  • Scott Gilbert
  • Clint Hillman
  • Aiden Lovallo
  • Eva Lovallo
  • Robert Quintero
  • Matthew Reinecke
  • Ayden Spenceley
  • Holly Spenceley
  • April Tutor
  • Bentley Tutor
  • Jason Tutor
  • Liam Tutor
  • Emma Wittwer
  • Shannon Wittwer and Krav Maga Martial Arts have been empowering lives through the martial arts in the Tampa Bay area for 20 years!

Founded in 2000 by Grandmaster Stephen J. Del Castillo, a 7th degree Black Belt and Sr. Master Instructor, Krav Maga Martial Arts and Karate lessons for pre-school children ages 3-6 and elementary age kids ages 7 and up are designed to develop the critical building blocks kids need – specialized for their age group – for school excellence and later success in life.

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