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Sensei Michelle is Kaizen


For today’s Team Tuesday, I want to spotlight the great Sensei Michelle.

Sensei Michelle isn’t a part of my staff- why would she be, she’s a succesful CPA and AVP at USF!

But she is a member of my Team!

I am grateful for her leadership and example.


Sensei Michelle exhibits our Blackbelt Leadership theme this week and for the Blackbelt weekend thaht starts Friday- Kaizen!

Check out her Blackbelt presentation when she tested for her 2nd Degree, Blackbelt Leader, a couple of years ago:


Join Sensei Michelle and the rest of my amazing Blackbelt Leadership Team at the Blackbelt Extravaganza this weekend!

Students, friends, families and guests are all welcome to attend!


and if you’re not on your Kaizen journey to Blackbelt Leader and beyond yet, start that journey here today!





Prepare To Live; Empower To Lead!

Grand Master Stephen J. Del Castillo
Founding Master Instructor, Krav Maga Martial Arts
Author of Developing Your Superpowers  Meditations On Mastery Vol One
Check out the Meditations On Mastery Blog and Podcast too!


“​Seven years ago I brought my then 3 year old son and 6 year old daughter into the KMMA dojo to start a self defense program. What we received was so much more. I thought that self-discipline and focus might be an indirect benefit of training but how refreshing it is for a parent to discover that leadership skills are a primary benefit packaged within a fun, physical self-defense program. Grand Master delivers powerful leadership lessons that are relatable to kids and equally meaningful to adults. Seven years ago I decided that rather than check my phone or get some extra work done on Saturday morning that instead I would jump on the mat during the family class for fun and just to give it a try. I never regretted that impulsive decision to get a little exercise that day.

Grand Master’s Blackbelt Leadership Training Program is the secret to success! The exciting, educational and entertaining classes create the physical and mental toughness and leadership skills required to succeed on the Blackbelt test and in life!

And the built in Certified Instructor Training is a bonus! I never thought I’d actually teach but the training helped me with my leadership position at USF. It still does and now I get to help teach too!

If you are not part of the program yet, fix that!”


Michelle Cummings, KMMA 2nd degree Blackbelt and proud parent of Luna Cummings, KMMA 1st degree Blackbelt and Flynn Cummings, KMMA Junior Blackbelt

   CPA, Asst. Vice President and Controller, University of South Florida Foundation