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Q&A with your Sensei!

How do I tie my belt? 

Click HERE for the answer!

What is that “Creed” you do before the start of class?

Well that is our student creed and HERE is a video to help you memorize it.

What is my next belt and when should I expect to test for it?

All KMMA students have the opportunity to test for their next rank every 3 months (March, June, September, December); that is if they have met the attendance requirement of a minimum of 24 classes and met the stripe requirement of at least 5 attitude stripes (colored ones from completing character worksheets) and 3 progress stripes (black ones). Speaking of progress stripes, we test for our progress stripes every month leading up to belt testing and the month of belt testing and they are meant to represent a quality of a champion earned (Speed, Focus, Power, Accuracy, Intensity and Excellence).

As far as what belt is next for you, please refer to the belt chart below. It stars at white and moves down and then repeats at the second column.