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Own It

I woke up feeling terrible this morning. 

   My stomach hurt, I was weak and mucousy, tired and hungry. 

It was not surprising, and it was all my fault. 


After a few weeks of dedicated and consistent keto and intermittent fasting,  

  I went off the rails with bad decisions yesterday- 

including a burger with the bun and fries for brunch, a few adult beverages throughout the day and mac and cheese with my steak at dinner. 


So, it was no surprise that, instead of the good feeling and energy that I’ve had on my diet plan, 

  my off-plan behavior created the feelings I woke up with today. 

I am simply experiencing the repercussions of my bad decisions. 


Cause and effect isn’t always so obvious, nor so immediate; but it is always there. 

   One of the most important things that we can do to improve the quality of our lives is to accept the fact that it’s all our fault. 

That is, the results that we experience are most often directly associated to our thoughts, decisions and behaviors. 

And that, while other people can positively or negatively affect our circumstances, we and only we are ultimatly responsible for the effect. 


It’s a hard pill for many to swallow; ironically especially for those that most need to take it.  

  When we are mired in negative patterns, beliefs, thought and emotions it’s easier to blame circumstances, other people’s behavior and even luck or God when things don’t go our way. 

It’s also debilitating.  

  We can do nothing about that which we do not control. 


Fortunately, the reverse is also true. 

  When we choose to accept responsibility for everything, then we can create the life we want. 

Don’t get me wrong, I for one do also count on others and on the blessing of God, for everything that I do…. 

     But when things do not go my way, I own it. 


My attitude is always to look at what I could have done differently or better, to reflect upon lessons learned, take remedial actions and design systems and habits to ensure i don’t produce the same negative result again. 


   I have been good at the accepting responsibility part for several years by the way; 

but the realization that i can affect it all through systems and that this is the way I can modify my behavior to create habits that produce the outcomes I want is a lesson I have only really learned over the last couple of years. 


It has made an amazing difference in my life and my business 

    and I hope it will in yours too. 


Grandmaster Stephen Del Castillo


p.s. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! You have one of the most important jobs in the world and we appreciate you!



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