While teaching a class last week, I told the group “the reason I don’t let students watch a Blackbelt test until their Blackbelt test is that it would scare them”. I went on to explain that it would scare them because they are not yet the persons that could pass such a test but that, once they were those people, it would no longer be scary. I’d like to expound upon the point here and demonstrate how preparedness is one of the most key factors in overcoming fear.


Fact is that I have a group of students testing for Blackbelt and degrees thereof this coming Sunday. They are nervous, sure, but they are not scared. And that is because they know they’ve prepared. The ones who’ve tested before are even more nervous in some ways, because they know what to expect; but they’re not afraid, because they’ve confronted the challenge and overcome it before. It’s a significant piece of being a Blackbelt- the Confidence that comes from competence and accomplishment.

And like so many things in our training, the phenomenon serves as both an analogy to, and training for, the challenges and opportunities found in the rest of our lives.


Let’s consider a little more closely the difference between a beginner watching a Blackbelt test and the Blackbelt taking it. (for the purposes of this illustration the term Blackbelt refers to one that has already won the honor or the one who has been preparing and is a candidate about to prove to the world that he or she is a Blackbelt too!)


  • The white belt doesn’t know the stances, strikes, kicks, combinations, how to defend against the myriad of violent attacks that he or she will encounter, nor the Kickboxing sets, nor any of what they need to survive and thrive during the test. But after years of training and patiently applying the law of the process, the Discipline of at least two classes per week over that time and the Intensity of working hard every time to get better every time- the Blackbelt is ready.
  • In most cases the white belt isn’t physically conditioned to endure the cardio and other physical rigors of the test- the Blackbelt is.
  • Even more importantly, the Blackbelt has developed the mental and emotional toughness that makes him or her dig in to win where less trained people would quit.


These and other Blackbelt Superpowers prepare the Blackbelt with a special swagger known only to peers of this special knighthood.


And while the Blackbelt test itself is a significant life event and accomplishment that the Blackbelt will always remember and treasure, it is more importantly a symbol of who the Blackbelt has become and what he has prepared for.


The KMMA Blackbelt is prepared for whatever life brings them.


Challenges and opportunities, trials and tribulations that would scare others remind Blackbelts about who they are and what they can do, and that the other side of the test is the promotion.


This is as true in all of life’s tests as it is in the one we give our Blackbelts.


And it’s true for college, careers, relationships and opportunities as well.


In every case, the difference between Fear and Confidence is preparation.


This is what we do at Krav Maga Martial Arts.

We prepare people to Live happy and successful lives and to survive and thrive through any challenge; and we empower them to lead themselves and others.


It’s our mission and it’s the secret to living a life of Confidence instead of Fear.


Call my Team at 813-948-4844 to start Blackbelt training for yourself, your children or your whole family!


And to all already on the Quest and especially those of you about to test this weekend, you’re ready!

I’m looking forward to helping you take the next steps in your Blackbelt Leadership story!



Grand Master Stephen J. Del Castillo

7th Degree Blackbelt, MBA

Founder & Chief Master Instructor, KMMA




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p.s. speaking of respect, congratulations to all the KMMA students about to test for Blackbelt or their next level at our Krav Camp and Blackbelt Leadership Retreat next month! I definitely respect each and all of you for your dedication, hard work and accomplishments!