MEMORANDUM FOR EVERYONE SUBJECT: Operations Order, Spring Krav Camp 2021                       1.  SITUATION:   a. Enemy Forces. There is much spiritual and social unrest, crime and danger in the United States of America today. COVID has affected many in various ways too. A small group of motivated success warriors have converged upon an icon of Read More

Basic Training: Tying Your Belt Listening Positions Kicking Set One Choke Series Front Choke Side Choke Rear Choke   Level One BBT/LTC: Kicking Set Two Kickboxing Set Two Side Headlock Chokes With A Push   Level Two: Kicking Set Three Kickboxing Set Three Side Choke From The Ground Bearhugs From The Side   Level 3: Read More

Latest graduating class of Blackbelts and various degrees, Oct 3 2020! Congratulations! They have camaraderie btw.   I was thinking this morning about my time in the Army and what I’ve missed about it and, while there is more than one thing, the greatest is the camaraderie. Then I started thinking about my 38 years Read More

Don’t just get a costume this Halloween….      Dress for Success! Sensei Kyle Bierly, our Chief Instructor, performing at the Blackbelt Extravaganza last weekend.   A Krav Maga Martial Arts Uniform (not costume) is what a student wears while developing the focus, intensity, character, confidence, competence, and other leadership attributes of success, while also Read More