There are still a few slots left for THE BEST summer camp of 2022!    Kids will make new friends, get a great workout and learn something new! They’ll even learn leadership, public speaking skills, as well as self defense and martial art.    And, as we are a family camp, you can too!   Read More

This morning while shaving my head, and simultaneously meditating and talking to God like I do, I had a revelation. I want to share it because what applies to me also applies to you.   You see, I have a stronger work ethic than most; granted I have the advantage of doing what I was Read More

As you know if you know me, I love leadership. And as you should also already know, what I love most is producing great leaders. As the great John Maxwell said, “The function of leadership isn’t to gather more followers. It’s to produce more leaders.”   With that caveat, the purpose of this email is Read More

If we look for an opportunities to be offended, we will easily find some; if we look to count our blessings instead, there are so many that we won’t have time to be offended because we spend that time focused on all we have to be gratful for.   If we look for an excuse to quit, we’ll Read More