Lead Now


Those of you that know me know how much I value leadership. I believe all things rise and fall on leadership, and that my dojo Krav Maga Martial Arts is a leadership academy that also happens to teach martial arts and the most practical self protection system in the world.

But, above all, we teach leadership. 


Now I believe that leadership plays a part in all we do every day. God willing, my students will never get to apply the real world self defense skills I teach, though part of my leadership is ensuring they are prepared if they do.

But the confidence, focus, discipline and other leadership skills that we teach are relevant every day.

Just not often as blatantly important as today.


YOU are a leader. Rather you know it or not, somebody is following. They’re following what you say and they’re following what you do. They even feel what you feel.

This is why grace under fire, a leadership principal I learned as a US Army Officer decades ago, is such an important quality for all of us today.

Don’t downplay this crisis. It’s disrespectful to those suffering and those at risk that are honestly afraid.


But DON’T panic either. Even in much more deadly situations than this one, panic is never a choice for the leader. If the leader panics, the unit is lost.

So what do you do?


  •   Lead with confidence. Rather you are leading your family or a team, be honest about the situation and the enemy forces, in this case about what’s going on with coronavirus and the real physical, financial and/or other threats that exist. But then tell them what you are doing as the leader, what they need to do and why they don’t need to fear.


  •   Communicate often. If leaders don’t communicate what is going on honestly and often, followers will make up their own stories. This is closely akin to the above, but the reminder here is that we need to be overcommuincating at this time. The calm assurance of a leader is powerful for the soldier (or student, employee or family member) that’s afraid.


  •   Express gratitude. In a time that people are losing a lot and are afraid about what happens next it’s more important than ever to take inventory of all the things we ahve to be grateful for and have them do the same.


  •   Take care of them. One of the benefits of this crisis is that it’s causing people to slow down. Take some of the found time and do more with your family. Read with them. Play with them. Laugh with them. Pray with them.


  •   Create new oppotunities from the contingency. I think this is one of the most important skills for leaders. When the situation changes, we have to change the way we do things. When the way we always do it is no longer available, we have to make a new way- and that new way needs to be the best way given the new conditions. In the military we had a saying that no plan survives first contact; which is to say, the plans are important but the ability to shift, improvise, adapt and overcome when things go differently is indispensable.


This is why we created our online training platforms. I don’t pretend that virtual training is as good as training with my great team of instructors in person in the classroom.

But I do promise you this. We are applying the same leadership, intensity and excellence to the production of these virtual classes as we do in class each and every day.

I’m very proud of the product and I think you will really enjoy training with your family at home.

     I am providing two different platforms so that everyone gets exactly what they need.

The KMMA University will eventually be the home for all of our curriculum and online training.

But, for now and the goal of getting the best stuff up as quickly as possible, we have all of our current students’ lesson plans and video instruction on a private facebook group and beginner classes up at KMMA University.

Here’s your leadership challenge!

  1. LEAD your family, your tribe, your business or non-profit with conidence and excellence. Do everything you can do and trust God to do the rest.
  2. Use the online training my team and I are providing. You will have fun, get a great workout and learn something new. And training alongside your family is a great way to lead!
  3. Communicate to those that follow you in more ways than one. Lead then, console them and love them. Your words will give them courage.
  4. Help us share our message and free lessons with others thath can use it. This is leadership too.
    1. You can share KMMA University with all your friends, co-workers and others.
    2. You can share this email and/or the blog that will be made of it.
    3. For a really fun challenge, share video of you and yours DOING the lessons on your social media.
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      2. make sure you check-in at Krav Maga Martial Arts when you do.


Thank you all for being students and/or family and/or followers of Krav Maga Martial Arts. We can’t fulfill our purpose without you.

Can’t wait to see you all in class soon! Train hard at home between now and then!

We will have testing and graduation for ALL of you when we return! We’re going to have an EPIC welcome back party too!


Until then,

Lead With Confidence