Lead, Follow, or…

I had a deep thought on the way into work yesterday…

it is amazing to me that some drivers still haven’t ascertained that the left lane is the fast lane, and you should be in the right lane if you want to go slow.


Well, maybe that’s not so deep a thought, but it led to another.

it made me think about the lesson I learned as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division all those years ago.

Lead, follow or get out of the way.


Ok, that’s not all that deep either, but it brought me a chuckle- and it is some good advice.


After I got around the slow guy, along with everyone else who wanted to do the speed limit or better, feeling guilty for passing on the right, I realized that the idea is the same in either case (driving slow or fast and deciding to be a leader or a follower) …

it’s OK whatever you decide to do, just don’t try to make other people do what you do.


If you want to drive slowly, be my guest; just do it in the right lane!

(don’t worry, the irony isn’t lost on me that I am telling the slow driver to do what I do and/or believe he or she should also do; it’s part of the generally satiric nature of this email).


On the other hand, there is some wisdom to the satire, as oft there is.

  1. do what you do and let other people do what they do.


  1. don’t let their decision influence you.


The second premise is especially when it comes to leadership.

There are those that would try to have you slow down: don’t work so hard, try so hard, read so much, listen to personal and professional development, or otherwise try to improve yourself.

They’re comfortable and complacent and are more comfortable if you stay there with them too…

so they, metaphorically speaking, stay in the left lane and try to block you…


Don’t let them hold you back.

Join my fast-moving tribe at Krav Maga Martial Arts. 

We’re going somewhere. 😉

Stephen Del Castillo






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