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It’s a kind of magic


People say that respect is earned;

but I believe respect is learned.


Unfortunately, we see far too little of it in the world today.

Many youth are disrespectful towards their elders, and even their parents.

Many adults treat each other with disrespect.


Most people recognize the problem, but I always say “you’re either part of the solution or parft of the problem”.

While it’s true that modern media, including TV and music, don’t help- if our children are misbehaving, it’s our fault.

We need to as a society recognize that children do what they are taught.


But there’s a secret.

They aren’t taught by what we say, they learn from what we do.

As the great Philosopher Albert Schweitzer said, example is not just the main thing but the only thing in influencing others.


This is one of the reasons that we teach the magical language of respect;

we teach our students that the language of respect is magical because when we give respect, we get respect- and that is pretty magical.


Some will argue that it’s not true that we get respect simply by giving it and, in some cases this is true.

Obviously people who are intrained in the magic sometimes will respond disrespectfully.

But I guarantee two things:

  1. there is a better chance of getting respect back when we first give it and,
  2. people learn by example, so the demonstration of respect as the stimulus is far more likely to get a response that is respectful as well (sometimes even if the other person doesn’t realize it).

We take the teaching of respect very seriously.

It is one of the 7 Blackbelt Leadership Principles for Life & Leadership (the sub-title of my forthcoming book).

It’s also why students learn the 7 Words of Respect in our Basic Training Course before they’ll even be considered for Blackbelt Training.


And of course this doesn’t mean that the children always speak and act with respect:

  1. The formation of new habits takes time. We will remind a student as many times as it takes to speak respectfully. It’s no different from reminding the student to keep their hands up all the times we’ll have to do that.
  2. We don’t act respectfully 100% of the time either; how can we expect a higher standard from them.


Action steps to help the child, children, or even adults in your life act more respectfully:

  1. Lead by example. Try to catch yourself when you are setting less than the right example and fix it. For bonus effectiveness, let your student (the person you wanna lead) know you just did. They’ll be impressed and learn more.
  2. Reenforce positive behavior with praise more than you do negative with critique. Try to catch them doing something right. i.e. “i noticed the way you used your words of respect with me just now. I am improessed and I really appreciate that! Keep up the great work and you will be a great Blackbelt one day!” (well, that last part for students training)
  3. Let is help. If you’re not a student yet, you should try us out. If you are, reenforce the lessons you see the Sensei giving in class and use them- tell your student you will let Sensei know how respectful he’s been at home, and/or write it down on their Acts of Discipline Character worksheet!
  4. Finally, be patient! Remember The Law of the Process (another of the 7 Blackbelt Leadership Principles): Excellence Happens Daily But Not In A Day. (Thank you to John Maxwell who I got this one from many years ago by the way. I am grateful to he and all the great leaders who have inspired my work.)




Empowering Lives To Live & Lead,

Grand Master Stephen Del Castillo

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