Invest This Wisely

So far this morning, I have had my visualization time, and coffee time with Barbara.

Most mornings my first training evolution is prayer and meditation, visualization, exercise, reading and writing, and always the coffee time; it includes important visualization and planning, gratitude and straight out quality time with the love of my life.

This writing time, though, represents the first of three “airplane time” sessions I’ve scheduled today.

What is airplane time, you ask?

It is a time (and Focus and energy) management technique named with a tip of the hat to that glorious epoch before there was wifi on airplanes- during this historic period of the aviation industry, one had only a few choices of what to do with the time on the flight…

one could read, write, plan, create or talk- all offline and without the distractions of the (even then) “modern” world.

One could think.

Many entrepreneurs and other creators, yours truly included, would make the flight into high level leadership work- the kind that can only happen when truly focused.


I still make my flights this, and especially enjoy reading/completing books while in the air- I have some great ones cued up for my flights to and from training in Colorado this week!


But I also regularly schedule “airplane time” into my planner almost daily.

During this time I get all of my highest level thought work done; so that I am 100% available to my equally important work of sowing into my people when that time comes.


And now, it seems, I may be finally getting to the actual point of this discussion.

Time is our most valuable and least renewable resource.

We should not waste it ever, nor spend it, nor even pass it- but always invest it wisely.

Now, if you have followed me for any time at all, this is not a new concept to you nor are you surprised that I am investing the time to talk about it.

It is a recurring theme for me.


Also, I am sure that there are some that somewhat disagree, thinking that I never relax and that there is more to life than working…

well, I agree.


This morning’s meditation led me to want to share that I agree- there are many other important (even more important) things in life, and to do with our time, which is the stuff that life is made of, than just our work.


But I still stick to my postulate that time is something that should be wisely invested; which is really to say that we should be deliberate about our stewardship of it, just as with money, people and all other resources.

So here are a few of the things that I find most important to invest my time in:

  • my purpose, passion and calling,
  • my relationship with God, and my relationship with my family, friends and people,
  • my learning, knowledge, growth and wisdom,
  • my sowing into all those I love and lead….
  • health, wealth, rest and recovery…
  • memories.

In short, I do my very best to never waste any of whatever time I have left, but to invest it in 3 key strategic areas:

1. goals, future and legacy,

2. personal, professional and spiritual growth,

3. the things that truly endure: memories, relationship, and legacy.

Live, laugh, love and leave a legacy.

Dr. Stephen Covey


In what areas of do you, or will you, invest your gift of time?

I’d love to hear from you.


Prepare To Live & Empower To Lead!

Grand Master Stephen J. Del Castillo

Author, MBA & 7th Degree Blackbelt

Founder & Chief Master Instructor,

Krav Maga Martial Arts

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