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Focus is a superpower


My Grandson asked me last night if I have any powers, and I said yes.

When he asked me what my super power was, I told him Focus.

He said, “that’s just normal Ninja stuff ‘Buelo!” Which of course brought a chuckle to me, and then continued “powers are like flying or shooting lava from your hands”.


Well, while I am sure that the powers of flight and of lava projection are cool too, I am here to tell you that Focus IS a Super Power!

Energy flows where focus goes.

We get more of what we focus on.


The first step towards developing this power is just to believe that it’s real.

Many people stay in negative cycles where they “never get a break” or everything bad seems to continuously happen to them or “every time I start to get ahead something comes and knocks me down”.

The first step towards changing that is to stop saying that- and to also eradicate the self limiting belief that someone else just has it easier or better, doesn’t have their own problems they’re negotiating and/or that it just comes easy to them.

This kind of thinking is not only not helpful, but also just isn’t true.

Focus is a Super Power- and works for evil as well as good. (Depends what you Focus on)


I was having a discussion with someone recently who told me that I’ve just always had will power to do what I say I am going to do and that it just doesn’t come naturally to her.

I explained that it doesn’t come easy to anyone.

It’s just that every time I do what I tell myself I am going to do I get stronger, just like every time I don’t the opposite is true.


Will Power, Focus and ALL of the super powers are as available as they are elusive to all.

They get stronger with practice and weaker or worse without.


Choose to develop the Super Power of Focus in your life and in your kids.

It’s the one that can lead to all the rest.


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