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Defeat Resistance With Persistence

On dealing with contingency

3 Jan 2020

Yesterday I wrote about the importance of keeping promises to ourselves and promised to share with you today a great exercise for new year goal planning, in case you haven’t done yours yet or in case you’d like to do it even better. I have to give credit where due, by the way, and while I have used many great goal setting systems from many great teachers, the particular exercise I’m going to share with you was shared with me by Alex Judd of Entreleadership. It’s a great coaching program if you happen to be an Entrepreneur looking for one. The book by the same title is a must read.


Back to today, day two of my commitment to writing and to helping me make this my best year ever by helping you to do the same. I was up about 0540 this morning. The alarm was set for 0600 but I awoke so why put oneself through the pain associated with starting another bout of sleep that you will only interrupt before it’s useful. It’s much better to get up and get your day going! Oh, I did my meditation, affirmation, reading and now writing so far by the way. Still got my exercise and visualization to go after this and then in to slay the day. How did you do on your commitments today? Make any yet? None of my business really, unless you want me to help coach you to make this your best year ever but, if yo do, go back and read day one and make the commitment to yourself, and some promises. You can find it on my blog at


Anyway, I’m still going to share that goal setting exercise I got from Alex later but, first, I wanted to talk this morning about dealing with contingency. Contingency is what happens when what you planned to happen doesn’t happen and, by the way, that often happens. It’s what we do then that is most important. Today’s big lesson is that

  Life is 10% what happens and 90% how we react to what happens.

As soon as you decide to do something great, or even just to get better, there are going to be a whole myriad of obstacles come against you. These problems will even become the potential fuel for excuses. Remember that all power is formed against resistance and, just like our muscles need progressive overload! to get bigger and stronger, so does our goal getting muscle.

  The secret to us accomplishing our goals is to defeat resistance with persistence!

I’ll send that goal setting exercise later today. For now, please share with me what promises you’re making yourself and what actions you are committing to take, from yesterday’s blog, and what obstacles you’re already or may face so we can make your contingency plan.

Stephen Del Castillo

Founding Master Instructor, KMMA


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