Confidence in Crisis

I listened to a great webinar today from a leader mentor I listen to named Michael Hyatt called Confident In Crisis- Your 3 Step Plan To Lead in Chaotic times. It was very informative, useful and even inspirational and I have shared the brief handout should you choose to read it.

This is the second of two such briefs I have listened to in the last two days, the other by leaders I respect in my martial arts industry. I have to say I am quite proud of KMMA because we are already well ahead the power curve on the advice that both gave. I’m proud of all my leaders, as well as students and everyone who is adapting and overcoming during this challenging time.

By the way, I am communicating more than I do normally, writing almost daily instead of once a week, because I believe that communication is one of the most important things a leader does in a crisis. So I hope you like it. I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to reply and tell me either way.

The purpose of this email is to share with you some of my favorite take-aways from Michael today, and also give you a few ideas on some additional things you can do with the opportunity time you find yourself with. To be clear, I know that this time isn’t easy for anyone. But I also believe, as we constantly teach at our dojo, that our attitude, outlook, actions and reactions are even more important than what happens.


Here are my take-aways and my thoughts, that I hope will helpful to you:

  • “The great thing about a crisis is it accelerates action you should have taken years ago”. 
    • This is especially true in business and, again, I am so proud of KMMA and all the schools in my industry and others that have quickly taken advantage of this challenge to create more new ways to deliver our service to our customers. I am proud of our Virtual Dojo and I am super proud of all the students that continue to practice during this time.
    • What else will you do that you’ve always wanted to do though? Will you read more, take some classes, exercise more, even write a book? Will you spend more time with your kids? Will you redefine who you are and what you will do when this thing blows over?


  •  “You’ve survived every crisis you’ve ever faced.”
    • You are stronger than you know and while we are all facing unique challenges, remember this: you have what it takes and you’re gonna be OK.
    • Thinking back on previous problems and challenges that you’ve overcome also helps you remember the lessons of these and take inventory of your emotional, mental and leadership strength and problem solving skills, all of which will help you survive and thrive in this time too.


  • “Every time we communicate with our customers it’s a chance to serve them”. 
    • I really hope I am doing this for you. I want to be of service. In addition to the Hyatt brief I will put links to our online training portals below too. These will all be one soon, btw. My team is rapidly, aggressivly and with excellence making the product better and better as we speak. Rather you are a current student, a future one or just looking for something to do, though, I hope that you will get in there and check it out.
    • Who are your customers? If you don’t have a business or a job serving business customers, perhaps yours are your family. If you don’t have anyone to serve, finding that may be the next important thing you do. Serving others is what makes us tick.


Lead With Confidence,

Shihan Steve


  Click here for the Virtual Dojo if you are a beginner 

        or here if you are a current student getting ready to test.