I train warriors. My team and I at Krav Maga Martial Arts raise them up. But the warriors that we raise are not just equipped for martial  duties, though they are; rather, the training and development that I speak of, and that my Team and I provide, prepares students to be warriors for life.   As I Read More

My grandson turned 7 today. It’s hard to believe another year has passed; they go so fast. It seems like he was born yesterday. But another year has passed. They always do. The time will pass whether or not we want it to, whether or not we plan for it, and the only exception to the Read More

According to the Urban Dictionary, the “summertime blues” is defined as: The realization that summer is coming closer to an end. During the last week of Summer you try and cram everything from the list in, but most likely miss. Often Summertime Blues occur during the days preceding labor day, and as such mark a saddening time on a Read More

Yesterday I told you about my ride, and the ride, and one of my first meditations reference the metaphor between riding and life. Today I want to share another one.   Some days, like the ride I took this past Sunday, the ride is beautiful. The weather is perfect. The experience is magical.   Other Read More

  Today I’m grateful for the ride; both the beautiful couple hundred miles that I did through beautiful country roads and in the best of weather yesterday, but also in the metaphorical way I will use “The Ride” today.   Yesterday, as I rode my Harley Ultra Classic nowhere, I had the meditation about the Read More