I was mailing a copy of my first book at the UPS store today, to Colonel Carmona- the mentor I told you about yesterday. Well, anyway, Lisa, the girl who took care of me, and has known me for years was all excited that I had published a book. I forgot that many local people Read More

I got a surprise in the mail recently, from a blast from my past Colonel Waldemar Carmona. It was a letter congratulating me on my success and wishing us well; and also the above picture which he said he knew would “make me smile”. He was right.   Colonel Carmona was my boss and one Read More

Do you even lift bro? A fair question, I suppose, as strength training is an important component of a well rounded fitness plan. Whatever the answer though, I guarantee more people lift than PARI. And PARI will make you even more powerful.   PARI is the process of Plan, Act, Review and Improve. It is Read More

TampaKravMaga.com   Well, in transparency, I don’t really know how wild Bill is. What I do know is that he’s a dedicated husband, father, student and leader-a District Chief for New Port Richey Fire Department who also takes on the role of EMS Chief and Infection Control Officer for the entire city. I also know that it Read More

  For today’s Team Tuesday, I want to spotlight the great Sensei Michelle. Sensei Michelle isn’t a part of my staff- why would she be, she’s a succesful CPA and AVP at USF! But she is a member of my Team! I am grateful for her leadership and example.   Sensei Michelle exhibits our Blackbelt Read More