Today I am grateful for the gift of leadership; itโ€™s a huge responsibility, but preparedness makes it a great adventure and a Blessing instead of a curse.     I was thinking about a teachable moment I was about to have with a follower when I wrote this, and how every leadership interaction we Read More

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One of the lessons that one of my best leadership mentors taught me was to never accomplish a goal without already having set my next one. There are many inherent reasons that this is important, but not least is to avoid the trap of complacency; the void that comes when we “arrive”.   As it Read More

I get so excited about this time of the year- I’m not talking about season nor for sure election time nor any of the craziness going on in our world right now. I’m talking about Blackbelt weekends! Next weekend 8 KMMA students will test for their Junior Blackbelts, 5 more for adult probationary blackbelts, 3 Read More

KMMA Student, I hope you will share this with your kids if they’re the one on the quest- and join them if you’re not yet. ๐Ÿ˜‰   The quest to Blackbelt Excellence, Blackbelt Leadership and to the Blackbelt and progressive degrees thereof is not an easy one. It takes Focus, Determination, Hard Work, Perseverance, Modesty, Read More

I asked my son to prepare a video salute for my 9/11 Leadership Tribute To The Heroes tonight. I am very proud of what he put together and I hope you like it too.   We all remember where we were that day. I was in my dojo (martial arts training room); my first one. Read More