Yesterday somebody commented on one of my facebook posts and said “you got a great team sir”. I thanked them. And upon reflecting on my sentiment about the comment, I realized I was not just grateful- but proud. I was first cautious of that, but then realized that it was not the bad kind of Read More

(My father and I a few years before I opened the dojo. You never know when you’re standing in history.)   Where were you on 11 September 2001? If you were alive then, you not only remember where you were that day but, perhaps, exactly where you were exactly the moment that everything changed.   Read More

  For this winning Wednesday, I want to start by shouting out to the heroes. I salute all the police and military, health care providers, firemen and other first responders. I also salute the moms and dads, teachers and preachers, laborers, businessmen and entrepreneurs who do their duties well.   It’s true that some people Read More

Shihan Carolyn Borton is a KMMA mother and a KMMA Master Instructor.   Her son, Sensei Ben, started when he was four years old. Mom watched from the sidelines for over two years when she realized this was something she had to do too. I remember Mrs. Borton meeting with me and asking me if it Read More

Slow Down To Go Faster We teach a principle in my school referring to the way we train that says “slow down to go faster”. On this surface level it speaks to the simple fact that, if a student adds speed too quickly, before he or she truly understands the proper execution of the technique, Read More