This is a picture of my wife making me rabo (oxtail) for Father’s Day. She does an amazing job and it’s delicious and, except for the pounds I put on that I need to focus on losing this week, I am grateful. 🙂     This is a picture of my son’s and I Read More

  I love my bookshelf and I love my books. And, as beautiful as they are, it’s not that I love the way they look parked on my shelf. I love the knowledge, wisdom and actionable advice I have gained over the years through the reading of great books. In conjunction with great teachers who Read More

The last couple of days I spent all my time on the mat, doing what I love. Check out some of the pics on my personal facebook page. My favorite part of my job is sowing into students: youth and families, beginners and Sensei; when I am on the mat teaching, I am most living Read More

The worst enemies of success and happiness are negative emotions of all kinds. Negative emotions hold you down, tire you out, and take away all the joy in your life. Negative emotions, from the beginning of time, have done more to harm individuals and societies than all the plagues of history. Brian Tracy Goals!   Read More

I believe in giving. I believe we are stewards of all of our resources and that we are given this blessing in order that we may bless others. So my wife and I tithe on our personal income and attempt to use our business as a blessing to many others in many ways too. First Read More