It was hard letting my son Diego off to the Army a couple of weeks ago. I wrote about that and about gratitude for the great times we’ve had together in my blog post “Cause Nothing Else Matters”. You can read it here. But my confession and meditation today is that it is hard every Read More   Are you afraid? Angry? Upset? You’d not be alone and there is good reason. It seems our world has gone awry; and I think the sense that we can’t control much of what’s going on has a lot to do with it.   And if we, as adults, are feeling the stress, can Read More

Students, and others who know me, often think that my┬áconsummately positive state of mind comes naturally. I have an important confession to make; my positivity comes neither naturally nor easily, but as a choice and the result of much training and many important daily decisions.   I have decided to make today’s message as succinct Read More

hello Tribe, Sorry I haven’t written in a few days. I took my son Diego to Georgia this weekend and saw he and many other young Americans leave on a bus to depart to their various training locations, he to stay there in Georgia at Ft. Benning, The Home of the Infantry. I’m not going Read More

  Happy New Year KMMA Family! Today is not just the first day of 2021. It is the first day of the rest of your life!   Make this day and every one going forward your best. Our great days create great weeks, which create great months, which create great years! Strive every day to Read More