I am a veteran, an MBA, a Master Instructor with a 7th degree Blackbelt; and I’m sure I’ve been called a few other things at times as well.  But of all my roles and titles, I am most proud of Dad and “Buelo” (what my grandson calls me). If family is the most Read More

    This is our new and improved attendance system. Sometimes you have to go old school to be better! I have been dissatisfied with our automated attendance system and missing in action procedures for some time. Since one of my important roles is to keep you active training and on your way to Blackbelt, Read More

            It may seem odd that I insinuate we can combat an invisible enemy with Krav Maga, but I’ll explain. The Krav Maga self protection system that is a fundamental piece of our total program at Krav Maga Martial Arts is based on training techiniques, principles and attitude that prepare Read More

I wrote a blog Monday on the merits of the stress drill, as a tool to test our self defense skills but also as relates to the trials and tribulations of life. If you didn’t read it, you can do so here.   Today I want to talk about the next training evolution in the stress Read More

The stress drill is one of the fundamental tools of our system. I tell students it is the litmus test of progress. In the stress drill students are placed in situations in which they have to deal with various problems, make decisions under stress, fight through adversity and then deal with more problems until the Read More