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I recently lost 35 pounds, 3 pant sizes and 1 shirt size during a 75 day challenge called 75 Hard.

I worked out twice a day, drank a gallon of water, stuck to my diet, abstained from alcohol, read 10 pages of personal development daily and took a daily progress pic.

It’s clear that the purpose of this challenge is to take massive action to change and develop new habits to maintain the change.

And it works.

But here’s what I know.

Many if not most people that lose the weight gain it back. It’s an inconvenient truth.


My wife and I were talking about it this morning because we saw a friend we hadn’t seen in a while that had succeeded in this area greatly and recently put it all back. I’ve done that too.

If you struggle with weight, chances are you’ve done it too.


So here’s the rub. The reason people that have been faty usually get fat again is because it is easier to fall back into the old habits than it is to maintain the new ones.

I honestly believe it’s that simple.

And by the way, the fact that our daily habits determine us is true in every area- our health, our wealth, our relationships, business, finance, intelligence, confidence, competence, on and on.


The habits that we have and corresponding behaviors we exhibit in every area create our realities. And then we’re prone to state self fulfilling prophecies like “I just can’t lose weight”, “I’m just not god with money”, “that’s fine for you but I just can’t do that”, “not like that” or any of the myriad “not X enough” statements that may even accurately identify our current state but ignore our potential to change!


So here is what we must do! Join me, will you?

  1. Decide who you want to be, how you want to be, what you want to accomplish……

We call this goal setting but beyond that I want you (I’m doing it with you) to See and Believe yourself as you want to be and speak to yourself in that state. Instead of can’t and not good at language, restate as “I’m getting fitter every day” or “I am improving with money every day”.


  1. Decide on what behaviors and what coaches can help you. 2-3 workouts a week at Krav Maga Martial Arts, walking, Financial Peace University, business coaching, 75 Hard, etc. For each major goal decide what you need to DO and who can be your success coach. My Team of Sensei are such great coaches because they walked the walk- they know how to help prepare students to live and empower them to lead because they’ve been there done that. Our calling is helping others discover the Confidence, Competence, Focus, Fitness, Balance and Blackbelt Leadership Excellence of becoming a Blackbelt.

I in fact will unabashedly say that our Blackblt Leadership Program at Krav Maga Martial Arts can help you with success in any and all areas you seek to improve upon in 2021. We are Masters at setting and achieving worthy goals through the systematic execution of small actions performed regularly over time that lead to massive results. (Read The Slight Edge or The Compound Effect for more on this)


  1. Which leads us to the third step. You have to actually take the actions regularly over time. You have to exercise and eat right daily most days, you have to train at the dojo 2-3 days per week, save the money, read the book, make the calls……

Once you decide upon the action plan you need a regular way of holding yourself accountable. A checklist works great. Our Sensei keep a manual attendance card on every student, so we can see when a student is slipping and call them to help them get back on track.


  1. We also need metrics and fail safe plans. All I mean here, for example, is that if I put on ten pounds at any time I’m immediately going back on the daily protocol that helped me lose the weight. In other words, I hope to maintain and even keep losing a little through a more moderate version of the plan that keeps much of the healthy habits but is less spartan than the original plan- but if I start to backslide I’ll do another 30 days and tune back up. I’ll repeat this process as many times as necessary. It’s like the PARRI principle we teach- PLan, Act, Review, Renew and Improve. And of course we can use this in any area with any habits we wish to create.


We create the habits and then the habits create us.

It’s again why students that grow up in our Blackbelt Leadership Program go on to such high levels of success in school and life by the way. We help instill the habits of leadership and success that propel them to those results for the rest of their life.


To start the Blackbelt Leadership journey for yourself or your family go to 

And if you’re already a student but would like to discuss some 2021 goals with me, email me so I can help!





Prepare to Live, Empower to Lead!

Grand Master Stephen J. Del Castillo

Founder & Chief Master Instructor, Krav Maga Martial Arts


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