What We Need Is Leadership

It’s so sad to me so many of the things going on in our country right now… and the crazy thing is that the simple things we teach in our dojo could fix all of them.

  Just treat each other with courtesy and respect.

Practice discipline and self control. Focus. Believe in yourself. Set and achieve worthy goals and as you do and as you arrive help others do the same.

We also pray for the best and train for the worst and sadly that training is becoming more and more relevant too.

But all the principals and lessons remain true and more than ever keep focusing on doing the best at what you do and making a difference by the difference you make.

  The difference we make is empowering lives through martial art. We teach Leadership, which begets leadership.

Leadership is what we need in our families, in our homes, in our communities and for our future. 

Thank you for allowing us to sow into your family! 

   We are grateful and this is the difference we get to make in our world.

     Lead With Confidence,

p.s. If you or yours is interested in training to become the next generation of Sensei at KMMA, please email me or call me, 813-948-4844. I am always developing tomorrow’s leaders today.

p.s.s. We also have a few slots left for summer camp next week and 3 for my Summer Intensive Training Course (ITC) that starts Saturday!

          Intensive Training Course (ITC) With Grand Master Del Castillo


Another great KMMA Superhero (KMMA Blackbelt), Sensei Ben Borton. Ben started with us when he was four and has been growing and developing his superhero physical, mental and leadership skills here for the last 11 years. Today he’s here to sow into our campers. He’s another example I’m proud of and grateful for. #ilovekmma