What do Shihan Harley, Shihan Ben, Sensei Winston and I Have in Common?

Hey there KMMA Tribe,

It’s Sensei Allie.

I was talking to Sensei Winston the other day, and we realized that some of our fondest memories of the dojo came from special events when we were little kids- the parent’s nights out, seminars and….



We LOVED the sleepovers! 

So I talked Grandmaster into letting me run one for New Year’s Eve!


I want to be able to create the kinds of great memories that Shihan Harley and Shihan Ben, Sensei Winston and I all shared!

So I get to do a New Year Sleepover for you!


More on that later, but the Parent’s Night Out (PNO) is first, so let’s talk about that.

Our next PNO (and the last of the year) is coming up on Friday Dec. 15!

Shihan Carolyn and I are planning a fun and festive pajama party!

Hot Cocoa, games, Christmas and Hanukkah themed cards and ornaments to take home (kids will be creating them), and we’re bringing back a fan favorite for it…

the Ninja Trix Obstacle course!

You don’t want to miss it!


The second event is one I am personally very excited about.

As we talked about earlier, we are hosting a New Year’s Eve Sleepover here at the dojo!

We used to have these every years and, as I said, resulted in some of my fondest memories.

I’m glad I was able to convince Grandmaster to bring it back!


Come join me and make those memories yourself!

I only have 30 slots, claim yours (for your kids since you are probably mom or dad reading this) by clicking HERE or the QR code below.

Your kids will have a great time celebrating the holidays with me while you go make memories of your own (without the kids). 🙂

Sensei Allie Peters

Head Instructor, KMMA