The Set of Your Sail

hello friend,

Yesterday I wrote about choice and consequence and shared the principle that all of our tomorrows are created by the choices we make today.

In this blog I want to:

1. give a couple of important illustrations,

2. communicate that, while we cannot change our destination overnight, we can immediately change direction.


First, for the examples and, in transparency, these are all observations from watching people that I care about hurt themselves.

Another truth is that I can’t make their choices for them. So, while it hurts me to watch them spiral, or in some cases literally kill themselves, the only thing I can do is pray and write, and advise and/or otherwise help when and where they will let me.

In most cases they won’t. I guess I somehow hope the energy in which I write about it will automagically get through in some way.

Perhaps it will. God got through to me while I still wasn’t listening.


Some examples of poor choices that create negative consequences are:

1. Focusing on what’s wrong instead of what’s right, always looking for what can go wrong, and/or spending too much time in the news, social media or any other pleaces prone to negativity and fear mongering.

2. The diabetic who continues to poison herself with sugar, carbohydrate junk food and other “pleasures” while getting worse and worse.

By the way, when I often get in trouble trying to help people I care about with the first one; my positivity sometimes offends those that don’t really want to feel better.

And I recently bought a couple hundred dollars of healthy groceries for the second example when she asked for some money because she said she didn’t have anything. I bought her good food instead of giving her the money to help her make some healthier choices; but as soon as she had some money again, she bought all the junk food she was missing for herself.


I still live these people and will always do my best to help them, while also always respecting their freedom of choice.

We should never make the mistake of trying to force our will on others.

But we should also never be naive of the fact that all of our choices produce a result.


Which leads me to the second point of this blog.

If we have made poor decisions for long enough, the consequences may already be serious, and change will seem hard.

Whether it’s getting out of debt, reversing poor health, mending a broken relationship or fixing our mindset or professional trajectory…

change is hard and we can’t change our current situation, nor even destination quickly, but we can change directions right away.


We start by changing our beliefs, attitudes and action.

1. Make the choice to change whatever area of your life you want to.

2. Find a coach or mentor to help advise you.

3. Focus your mindset on the change you want.

4. Start taking positive actions in the direction of your new choice! Mentally celebrate every time you make a good choice, and mentally refocus any time you slip. It’s too easy to give up as soon as you make a mistake, it gets hard, or you don’t see progress immediatly, but trust the process!

5. Do MORE of what you need to and LESS of what you don’t. i.e. cut out the sugar and refined carbs and start getting some exercise.


Listen, I know this is all simple, not easy.

Honestly, it’s one of the reasons that having a coach is so important. It’s not only for the information, but for the accountability.


But most of all, you have to want it badly enough.

I am sharing all of this from hard experience.

Well, lots of study, reading, listening and many great mentors have also helped…

but hard change is the way that makes the day.


By the way, Team KMMA and I would love to help. 

If you are a student, make sure to share your goals with your Sensei and I!

We’re here to help you!

Of course you are already fixing a lot of the most common problems and creating many of the least common powers through your Blackbelt Leadership Training… but, really, let us know if there is anything else you specifically need help with.


And if you are not a student yet, enroll for a six week summer goal getting course right here! 

We’ll help you Focus on what you want and develop the Discipline to see your goals through!

I can’t wait to help you and celebrate with you too!


Prepare To Live; Empower To Lead!

Grand Master Stephen J. Del Castillo
Founding Master Instructor, Krav Maga Martial Arts