We all have lied to and broken promises to ourselves. This fact is why the idea of New Year resolutions has become more a humorous topic for facebook memes than an actual practice. The percentage of people that actually do what they say they are going to do is small.  But every time we fail to do what we say we will, we are hurting ourself, our self image and our chances for success. While it is important that we keep our promises to others, it’s even more important that we keep our promises to ourselves. 

 I know that I have failed me one too many times doing the things that I promised myself I was going to do. 

But I started today at 6am. Why? Because I said I would. I did my morning meditations and prayer, affirmations, visualization and read from the Bible and two other great books- The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs and Thou Shall Prosper.

I finished all that and then did some morning exercise including some push-ups and a 2 mile walk. Now I am writing, which is the last step in my SAVERS miracle morning ritual. I will do this 312 times this year (6 days a week).

Now we can choose to focus on rather or not I am going to succeed on that commitment or the fact that I did so this morning and plan to tomorrow- I think the latter is the key to our success this year. 

Every time we make a promise to ourself and then keep it, I believe our belief in ourselves gets stronger. I have successfully applied this principal in all kinds of areas of my life and helped thousands of students to do the same and, when applied, the principal always works. 

But then, as I have already admitted, I sometimes fail to apply it to every area I want to change. I suspect some similar scenario has happened to you.

  That’s why I didn’t start day one with a goal setting exercise, though I did do a great one New Year’s Eve that I will share with you tomorrow! 

But, if you want to join me on this journey to becoming exactly who you want to be this year, we need to start here. There are a few simple not easy steps:


  1. Accept and agree that the most important commitment we are going to make this year is that we will keep our promises to ourselves.
  2. Commit to this- most importantly to yourself, but you are free to share your commitment with me in comments or at shihansteve@tampakravmaga.com
  3. Make one small promise to yourself, something that can move you in the direction of the change you want. I.e. I will do 5 push-ups tomorrow or walk for ten minutes or read 5 pages of a book. I am purposely using small examples to make a critical point- it diesn;t matter where you start but just that you do! Choose something that will be a small challenge and that you will feel good about finishing today or tomorrow, but choose something you will finish. Giving yourself something that you will fail at and then use as an excuse to stop trying is not the way. This is the way.


Tomorrow I will share an awesome process to set some meaningful and sustainable goals for the year. But first make the commitment to yourself that you will do what you decide to do, that we will finish this together!


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  I’ll be your coach, and I am in it with you. 

Be Your Best!

Stephen Del Castillo

Founder Krav Maga Martial Arts

  & Success Coach