Keep Calm & Wash Your Hands

With all the talk around the Coronavirus, I figured I need to address it. I’m not, however, going to chime in on the argument about how big a threat it is or isn’t. In the one camp are those that say it is less of a threat than the common flu and on the other exteme are those that call it pandemic. The reason I will not address the question in this way is because I would give the same advice for your safety either way- keep calm and don’t panic. Prepare and take the proper precautions, but don’t panic. It’s the same advice we give in self defense. Be aware and be prepared but don’t expect the worst. The total number of violent crimes in the US yearly is about 1.2 million. Yet we still don’t assume we will get attacked. We just prepare in case we do.

In the case that you do become the victim of violent crime one of the most important things you can do is still not to panic. A calm mind is one of the most important survival tools. Just as we train our bodies and learn techniques so that we will react correctly when violence strikes, we also train the mind. The goal is that, should the unfortunate happen, our students possess the mental and physical skills to deal with it and get home safe. This is the goal.