Important Message From Grandmaster to KMMA Family

Improvise, adapt and overcome is the marine mantra made famous by the hard as nails Gunny Highway in the 1986 American war film produced and directed by Clint Eastwood, Heartbreak ridge. It’s also the topic of my message today and also tis the way of my people.


Are you an overcomer? I think you are.

In today’s message I want to share on the topic with a few of our recent videos and blogs, discuss what KMMA is doing to be proactive (improvise, adapt and overcome), and how you can take advantage of it.


Lead With Confidence,

GM Stephen Del Castillo

Founding Instructor, KMMA and the new KMMA Virtual Dojo


Read Peace: How To Create Yours In The Midst Of The Storm and other relevant messages on my blog 

      Check out our video on improve, adapt and overcome vs a rear naked choke


 Here are some ways to improvise, adapt and overcome this crisis with KMMA!

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     Lead With Confidence,

     GM Stephen Del Castillo

     Founding Instructor, KMMA and the new KMMA Virtual Dojo


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