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Gratitude is a superpower.

     We talk a lot about superpowers at Krav Maga Martial Arts.

Focus is a superpower, as are Confidence, Discipline and Vision.

  We often refer to these Blackbelt Leadership Principles as superpowers because they allow us to do supernatural things.

The attitude of gratitude is no exception. Gratitude creates more things to be grateful for.


Gratitude, the attitude, like all superpowers needs to be developed.

   Like our muscles, the more we use them (muscles and superpowers) the better they work.

Grateful people not only feel better but also become better.


So exercise Gratitude every day in many ways.

  I start every day with prayer and meditation and start with all I am grateful for then.

I express gratitude to God, to other people, and to myself several times throughout the day; and even try to remember every day to publicly post on my personal facebook page one of the things that I am particularly grateful for that day.


     The more we express Gratitude, the more we will have to be grateful for.


  It may be God’s blessing, Focus at work (we get more of what we focus on) the law of reciprocation and/or the law of attraction.

The important thing is Gratitude works if you work it.


As with any superpower, or anything worthwhile you’re looking to accomplish for that matter, the first step is to take the first step.

Do something that you can do right away right away.

    To become a Blackbelt, the first step is to pick up the phone and give us a call.


To develop Gratitude, the first step is to be grateful. 

     What are you grateful for today?


     Grand Master Stephen J. Del Castillo

     7th Degree Blackbelt, MBA

     Founder & Chief Master Instructor, KMMA


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