Got You Covered Buddy, Move Out!

Good morning tribe!

I’m writing you this morning for Sensei John. He texted me last night and said:

And I said:

and then he said, and I said:

(You know, we always use the magical language of Respect like that).


As I lay down to sleep, that little exchange got me thinking about a story from my youth.

I was a young trainee at US Army Basic Infantry School at Ft. Benning Georgia.

My battle buddies and I were practicing movement. In this particular exercise, the objective was to take a bunker; but the movement drill I am sharing is pretty foundational to infantry movement, or at least how they taught us at that time.

Anyways, I would say “got you covered buddy, move out”, and my battle buddy would advance on the objective while I laid suppressive fire.

He would get to another log to take cover behind and yell back at me while laying suppressive fire to cover my movement, “got you covered buddy, move out”…


And so on until we got to the bunker, dropped a grenade, shot into and neutralized the OPFOR (opposing force) inside.

It would generally be through a flanking maneuver by the way, but that part’s not important to this story.

This part is.

We practiced the maneuver many times dry, with no ammunition or simunitions or anything.

Just running through the exercise to get the technique down- kind of like when we practice our knife or gun defense techniques in Krav Maga.


But eventually, we practiced it firing blanks and with pop-bang grenades (training aids that just made noise) and other noise and distractions going on. (now kind of like our krav maga stress drills)…


Anyway, the point of the story is that the simple communication between buddies, “cover me buddy while i move”, “got you covered buddy, move out”…

all of a sudden wasn’t so easy.


Though not yet the noise and confusion of real battle, the trainers of the Infantry school would create progressively difficult training scenarios that more resembled the real thing to prepare us for that…

and it got hard to hear what your buddy was saying.

I had to pay really close attention to what he was saying and what he was doing, to what was actually happening, and to the contingencies in the scenario, to actually hear what my battle buddy was saying, even when I couldn’t “hear” him.


And this is the point of the story.

   It’s like that in our lives too.

We all get really busy with the conflicting realities of work, family and the opportunities and challenges of life.

Sometimes, it can be hard to hear what your battle buddy- co-worker, spouse, friend, child, team mate- is saying, and/or what he or she needs.

Throw in the noise and distractions of social media, media media, and all that’s happening around us at once, competing for our time, energy and attention, and it can get really hard to hear…

and especially because our buddies aren’t usually saying specifically “cover me buddy”, though that may be what they need.


So it’s critical that we develop our listening, empathy and other communication skills.

Believe it or not, as much as the rest of my Infantry school story related to the way we train for self defense at Krav Maga Martial Arts, it also speaks to the importance of the Blackbelt Leadership training we give in communication skills, and team work.

The training students receive through my Leadership Program and Certified Instructor Training (CIT) is world class, and I am super proud of all of them!



Preparing young Infantry soldiers for the demands of combat isn’t easy; neither is raising up youth with the communication, teamwork, leadership and other skills needed to survive and thrive through the challenges of life.

Preparing students of all ages with the mental and emotional skills to survive and thrive real world violence isn’t easy either, but we do it in much the same way as the Infantry school did- through progressively difficult scenario based training based in technique, but that also trains attitude, emotion and contingency.


And oh, by the way, and the one last thing I’ll say…

since we’re talking about similarities between my academy and the military.


What a soldier always misses most about military service is the camaraderie- the mutual trust and friendship among people that spend a lot of time together, and especially time doing hard things that matter…

in addition to the excellent training in self defense and communication skills, the camaraderie amongst the tribe at KMMA is powerful! 

They’ve got their buddies covered.



If you haven’t joined our tribe and community yet, and would like to experience how we train self defense, communication and leadership skills, start your 2 week free trial and orientation program here! 

It’s the perfect time, I’ve got some amazing training planned for December!

And what an amazing gift to give yourself, your family or a friend!


It all starts with your free tour, trial and orientation to see what’s what…


got you covered buddy, move out! 



Prepare To Live; Empower To Lead!

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