Got Leadership?


Got leadership? In the craziness of our times it seems easy to recognize it when it’s missing, but most people don’t tend to think about it otherwise. For me, everything has always been about leadership.

I agree with the great leadership guru John Maxwell when he says that “everything rises and falls on leadership”.


So what is everything:

  • The confidence for kids to excel in school and social settings, for adults in their careers and for all to walk in peace.
  • The often missing character traits like courtesy, modesty, integrity and self control are developed through the proper training of leadership.
  • Leadership determines influence. How effective we are as leaders of our families and communities, as well as businesses and other organizations comes down to leadership.

These are only a few.


Leadership is what I do. I have been a leader, as well as a student and teacher of leadership principles, for several decades now. I’ve learned and led in the martial arts and in the military, continuing to do so in my martial arts academy today.


I’d love the opportunity to help you continue to grow as a leader too.

We’d also love the opportunity to start your kids on their leadership journey as well. We develop tomorrow’s leaders today!


Better yet, you can all train together!


The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.

  Just call me at 813-948-4844 or reply to this email so I can start you or your family on your 2 week free trial of my leadership academy!


Thanks in advance!

Shihan Stephen J. Del Castillo

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