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Got goals?


My friend, mentor and success coach Grandmaster Jeff Smith gave me a present last week when I was in Colorado training with him, and I started reading it today.

It’s a book by one of my favorite success authors, Brian Tracy, and this statement in the introduction got me fired up about what to share with you today:


After countless talks on various themes, if I was given only five minutes to speak to you and I could convey only one thought that would help you be more successful, I would tell you this: “write down your goals, make plans to achieve them, and work on your plans every single day.“

Brian Tracy



Later in the same introduction he tells a great story about a group of successful men who got together in Chicago one day to discuss the common reason that they had all achieved so much in life- these were a group of millionaires and multi-millionaires mind you.


The wisest among them spoke up and said that, in his estimation, “success is goals, and all else is commentary.”

After a few moments of silence, each of the others nodded and agreed.


While I am in no means as successful as the men in the story, nor as I plan to be, I do wholeheartedly agree that the skill and practice of goal setting and goal getting is one of the most important elements of success at anything in life, and possibly the greatest indicator of rather one will be successful or not.


Truth is, when I look back at my own life, that I had great success in the areas where I had goals- martial arts being the most notable example.

I have had some other successes in the military and career and in academic pursuits; and I have certainly made a great career in helping others accomplish their goals.


And yet, there are other areas of life in which I did not apply goal setting skills with as much focus and discipline.


One of the most significant discoveries I have made over the last decade or so of personal and professional development- as well as training students, leaders and future leaders- is that the same goal setting processes and systems that create success in any area create success in every area…..


It seems so obvious when I say it, and probably to you when you read it.

You may have even said reflexively, “well, I know that.”


But do you really?

I would argue that we only really know a thing when we are experiencing considerable success in that thing.

And, as I’ve already admitted, there are areas that I have and others that I haven’t.


But I am now by the way.

I am setting big goals in every area of my life that I want to improve, creating the plans and taking the daily actions, to create the future I want.

I am also teaching many other great students, Blackbelt Leaders and future Blackbelt leaders to do the same.

Becoming a Blackbelt at my dojo is not just about self defense or even just about the martial arts.


We teach students the goal setting and success skills to succeed in every area of their lives- even and especially the ones I wish I would have learned about and tended to earlier in life.


We are preparing youth, teens, adults and families to live and lead at their highest potential and create the future they want for themselves, their families and their world.


It’s not magic, but it is both science and art.

I’m so grateful that I learned it and also that I get to live my calling and share this knowledge with others too.


Do you have goals?

I do.


One of them is helping you.

So, if you’re already a student, see you this week! I am going to be on the floor with the team helping with review and stripe tests, as well as you and your goals!


If you’re a student but not in the Blackbelt Leadership program yet and would like to learn more about how to qualify, see your Sensei or email me at and we’ll make an appointment to sit down together.


If you’re not a student yet, your first step is to come in for our free trial and orientation program. 



The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand,

As in what direction we are moving.


Oliver Wendell Holmes




Grand Master Stephen J. Del Castillo
Author, MBA & 7th Degree Blackbelt
Founder & Chief Master Instructor,
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