I made a post this weekend about the truth that I haven’t done a split in while and I need to get that back.

I let a few injuries and a lot of busyness serve as excuses to why I haven’t stretched enough and am not as flexible as I once was.

But, now that I’ve faced the fact, I’ll fix it.

I’ll get my splits back before the end of the summer and, when I do, you’ll be the first to know.

But, as you probably expect if you’ve come to know me, personally or watching me teach or even just through my emails and blogs…..

you probably know that there is more to the subject than physical flexibility; I am also refering to flexibility as relates to leadership and life.

I believe that the ability to remain flexible is one of the most important leadership traits- on the level of other essentials, like character, competence, confidence and communication skills.


Yet, if you stop to think about it, you’ll probably realize that most people are rather inflexible much of the time.

If you’re even more reflective, you may even be able to think of the instances that you make this mistake in your own life.

I know I have.

And through meticulous observation and evaluation over several years, I’m better at it (remaining flexible) than ever before.


But, just as with my splits, I have to keep working at it; if I ever make the mistake I did with my physical flexibility, and stop or slow down stretching, I’ll lose flexibility in my leadership too.


Before I talk about the flexibility that I am talking about, let’s talk about what I am specifically not talking about.

I am not talking about flexibility of character, morality or principal.

I live by the great advice given by Thomas Jefferson:

“In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.”


It helps me, when making the distinction in dealing with those I lead, to liken the maxim to how I teach Krav Maga.

I teach tecnique and principle but, wherein the technique may be modified, the principle may never be violated.

In krav maga, leadership and life, the principle is what matters most.

But in most things, while remembering not to violate the principles at play, it behooves us to be as flexible as we otherwise can.

Here are a few examples, many of which I wish I would have learned many years ago:

  • flexibility with our kids while also raising them up in the way they should go;
  • flexibility with team members on how they choose to get their mission done;
  • flexibility on every single thing that just really doesn’t matter- my buddy used to ask me (and i didn’t get it at the time), “you wanna be right or you wanna be happy?”;
  • flexibility about how someone we lead learns, and how we then teach them;
  • flexibility when the situation changes; this one is a strength for me, thank God. To survive and thrive in business or almost any other worthwhile thing, we have to posess this flexibility.

I’m sure there are many more.

When I spend some more time with the campers after lunch, perhaps we’ll discuss this in our leadership groups.


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