Do you love your job?

Do you love what you do? I read an article in the Harvard Business Review today that discussed the benefits of a positive work culture and the costs of disengagement. It’s a worthwhile read rather you are the employee or the employer. You can read it here if you’re interested.

The article made me reflect upon a few important things:
1. I am so grateful to get to live my life purpose, empowering people’s lives through martial art!
2. We have such an amazing culture here (at my dojo, our “workplace”). Our culture is positive for the students, their families and the amazing team of martial arts professionals who also get to live their purpose sowing into you!
3. The same is true in every area of life. Shouldn’t we strive to have better culture and be more engaged:
a. in our families,
b. at school,
c. at church,
d. at home,
e. at work,
f. in our mental learning,
g. in our spiritual development,
h. in our professional development,
i. in our physical training,
j. even at play?
That third revelation was relevant to me first because each and every one of us should ponder the question and rather we are being the best we can be and creating the best environment for those we lead in each and every area.

It also speaks to me that we address all of this through our programs at Krav Maga Martial Arts.
• We develop leadership skills so that leaders can create better culture in their homes, work and communities.
• We foster a better family culture through families training together, towards their Blackbelt and other worthy goals!
• We develop confidence, focus and discipline that help youth and teens do better in school, live happier and healthier lives and develop goal getting skills for success in college and their future career!
• We also help people to identify their passion and calling and develop the confidence, communication and leadership skills to live it!

To see for yourself, please call me at 813-948-4844 or email so I can personally host you for your 2 week introduction, starting with a private or semi-private intro class, live virtual or in person at the dojo.

On The Quest To Be Our Best!
Grand Master Stephen J. Del Castillo, MBA, 7th Degree Blackbelt
Founder and Master Instructor of Krav Maga Martial Arts