Defeat Resistance


There’s a secret that real writers know that wannabe writers don’t, and the secret is this: It’s not the writing part that’s hard. What’s hard is sitting down to write. What keeps us from sitting down is Resistance.

– Steven Pressfield

Steven Pressfield wrote the above quote in the book called The War of Art. He was talking about writing, where Resistance is indeed a formidable force and, as he alludes, wherein the thing itself is not the hard part- but the getting to it is.

I would advance that the same is true of every great calling, or even purpose.

The thing called Resistance tries to pull us to drift, and away from our drive- our purpose, calling or worthy goal.

It’s the same with fitness, as another example.

Have you ever noticed that once you get to the workout, you enjoy it? It’s the getting to it that’s the hard part, right?

Or, if you’re already a student, it’s like training- coming to class when you’re supposed to.

There are days when you, and/or your child, don’t want to make it.

I teach that :through the magic of Discipline “it is when you ignore that pull and come anyway that you will have one of your greatest classes”…

and it’s so great when students stop me to tell me their stories that support my premise.

Just come and do, and you’re almost always glad you did.

It’s like this in most worthy things (goals, work, calling)

Great things aren’t accomplished quickly or sporadically; they require great Focus and Discipline over time. 

It makes it so easy to get distracted and pushed “off track”.

It’s how the Resistance keeps us away from greatness and mired in drifting.

(for a great discourse on the way the enemy keeps us drifting read Napoleon Hill’s classic Outwitting the Devil.)

Anyway, here are the four lies (or at least four of the lies) that Resistance uses to keep us away from our calling:

1. procrastination: I’ll do it tomorrow. when Resistance doesn’t say no, it just keeps you pushing it away for another day.

2. the shadow calling: Some distraction. Some lower calling that would bring some of the fulfillment of what you really want, but not all of it. often settled for because it’s easier and safer… doesn’t require the real work of overcoming fear.

3. pleasure not fulfillment: Dopamine fix. dopamine is the “fix” that makes you want to do something again. i.e. checking your phone repeatedly for the fix that comes from that, or the use of drugs, alcohol, or other base pleasure. it’s the weaker version of the thing that you actually want to achieve (the higher thing that would create fulfillment). There is no fulfillment without the work.

You must work hard to acquire a set of skills, that matter to you, that allow you to serve not only yourself, but other people. – Tom Bilyeu

4. full sedation: the distraction the Resistance uses once one has given up on their calling, dreams and goals. May be in the form again of negative addictions like drugs, alcohol or porn, seemingly more benign ones like excessive use of TV or other media to distract and dull the senses, or even seemingly “good” distractions, like excessive focus on fitness, learning or even helping others… the point of this tactic of the enemy is that if he/it/Resistance can keep you distracted from your best and highest roles, goals, calling and self- distracted and drifting- you will never truly win.

    Success = Achievement + Fulfillment

As a reminder, this applies to many or even most worthy things…

  • your purpose or career
  • that weight you wanna lose
  • becoming a Blackbelt
  • writing your book
  • your CALLING

I will write more on both overcoming Resistance and on discovering your calling more in the coming weeks.

We’ll be teaching and training both in the dojo too.

But in the interim, here is one simple trick that I use to stay in my flow, in my calling and away from drifting…

         take ACTION. 

Action in the direction of our greatest roles and goals creates fulfillment and momentum. 

    It keeps life, and achievement, fun and exciting- rewarding and fulfilling.

In closing what action(s) will you take today to move you in the direction of some worthy goal you’ve been dreaming?

It doesn’t have to even be great yet, it just has to get you pointed int he right direction.

The opening page of a great book I am reading by Elise Lincoln Benedict (in 1923) called How To Get Anything You Want, the author tells the following story relevant to what I’m asking:

A man on a country road stopped another and said, “If I keep walking in this direction, how far will I have to go to reach Chicago?”

“If you keep going in the direction you are headed now it will be twenty-five thousand miles,” the other answered, “but if you will turn around and go in the opposite direction it is about a mile and a half.”

So, it may be useful, in deciding what massive action you want to take this coming week, to decide first what direction you want to go.

   We can’t change destination overnight, but we can change direction. 

What do you want to achieve?

  What things would fulfill you?

     What are you called to do?

If you already know the answers to these questions, do that! 

It’s what I do daily and I am so grateful that I am called to create confident and competent Blackbelt Leaders! 

It’s what I am called to do and satisfies my need for achievement and fulfillment in my life, while serving others.

You must work hard to acquire a set of skills, that matter to you, that allow you to serve not only yourself, but other people. – Tom Bilyeu

(yes, i know I shared that quote twice- redundance is key to communication sometimes)

You have a calling like that too. 

If you’ve read this far and care to do the work, if it’s useful to you, start there:

1. What do you want to achieve?

2. What things would fulfill you?

3. What are you called to do?

If you can answer at least two, or best case three, of those you can choose your direction.

Then take action immediately in the the direction of your goals. 

I look forward to helping you achieve them!

Prepare To Live; Empower To Lead!

Grand Master Stephen J. Del CastilloFounding Master Instructor, Krav Maga Martial

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