Controlling the Flame

March is Intensity month at KMMA. Intensity is one of my favorite qualities of a champion, because the fire of intensity can fuel all the others to create great success and mighty action. Intensity makes students train harder, makes self defense more effective and can embolden an otherwise shy or timid youth or even adult to try and do things that they otherwise would not. Intensity is an awesome tool.

It’s very appropriate that they symbol of intensity is fire though because, like fire, the flame of intensity must be wielded carefully. In the world fire properly tamed by a skilled griller can produce a delicious and perfectly seared steak, chargrilled on the outside and perfectly medium rare on the inside- or however you like your steak. I happen to think I’ve just described the perfect one.

But, out of control, a fire can also burn down a forest or a home. Fire is an effective tool. It’s up to the one who wields the fire to know how, when and how much to apply it’s intensity.

My wife and I were talking on the way in today about a couple of current students that were SOOOOOOO shy, timid and even scared to get into class when they both came to us. Both are great students whose confidence is increasing daily and who excel in their classes now.

The point I want to make is how expertly the team of Sensei at KMMA wielded the fire in these examples. All of my instructors are amazing martial artists who are confident, competent, focused and intense.

But in the case with these children they knew exactly how to turn down that intensity to serve the student well. Too much intensity would have scared both of these kids away and we would never be able to help them, nor especially empower their lives through martial art as it is our mission to do.

Because my Sensei are masters at not just applying great intensity in the proper circumstance, but also in knowing when to turn that intensity down to serve the student and the mission, these students will enjoy great training that will serve them well in every area of their lives for the rest of their lives and even teach them to one day do the same with their own fires.


Grand Master Stephen J. Del Castillo

Founding Master Instructor, KMMA

Empowering Lives Through Martial Art