Combating Corona with Krav Maga

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It may seem odd that I insinuate we can combat an invisible enemy with Krav Maga, but I’ll explain. The Krav Maga self protection system that is a fundamental piece of our total program at Krav Maga Martial Arts is based on training techiniques, principles and attitude that prepare the student to survive a violent encounter should God forbid they have to. I pray that none of my students ever has to apply that knowledge, but the only thing worst would be to need it and not be prepared. It is also true, though, that the training applies to all kinds of things in life, not just self defense versus violent crime but, in this case, versus Coronavirus.

The first idea I want to share before getting into techiniques and principles is that we should not be fearful. We should not be flippant either but we can not live in fear. Fear can be as immobilizing and harmful as the threat itself if we let it. So we should make informed decisions and apply the proper self defense of ourselves and others AND go on with positive and productive lives in spite of any advesities, including this one. As we often remind at Krav Maga Martial Arts, you never lose until you quit.

One of the principles we teach that I believe is relevant to this cause is to identify the threat. The issue with this one, is that it’s a complex one. There are many threats inherent by this virus. As in the case of a multiple attacker scenario, we must deal with each maintaining awareness of all.

One is of course the actual physical danger of sickness and even death.

But this enemy is wreaking other havoc too, to include harm to people’s livelihood, closing of many small family businesses, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues to name a few.

This is important so that we understand and address all of them. Another words, we need to apply techniques and take precautions that mitgate the physical threat, but we need to maintain our fight against the mental, emotional and economic damage too.


I originally planned to go through many of the priciples as they apply to this threat but, instead, I’ll do that in a series of lessons this month.

I’d like to take the remainder of this blog describing the techniques that we are using at Krav Maga Martial Arts to combat Corona:


  1. We Simulcast all of our classes. This is to say that you can decide for you and your family if you’d rather train at the dojo or from home. I am even evolving our curriculum and class plans so that students can have fun, get a great workout and learn great self protection skills in spite of social distancing and even when training virtual from home! I got a great plan for some great classes and of course my great instructors are ready to rock it!
  2. As pertains to keeping our dojo safe, sanitized and meeting or exceeding all regulations and CDC guidelines we:
    1. take everyone’s temperature entering the dojo
    2. wear masks into and out of the dojo and any time social distancing will not be maintained
    3. are operating classes ay 50% capacity and using the dots on the floor so people can exercise without their masks but a safe distance apart
    4. created a schedule with 15 minutes between every class just so that we can sanitize all common areas and equipment between every class
    5. using staff to minimize any transactions that could facilitate spread- i.e. the assistant instructor pulls the attendance cards for the students
    6. our classes have the same great energy, enthusiasm, exercise, education, and are as entertaining and empowering as they always are! and this addresses the mental, emotional and physical health benefits that combat anxiety, depression, loneliness and despair, as well as the quarantine complacency causing many to completly forget their physical and other goals.


Rather you are a part of our community virtually or in person, you feel better, stronger, more confident and more happy than if you are not.

If you’re an active student reaidng this, you know. And if you’re not and would like to, call us at 813-948-4844 to schedule your 2 week free trial of our program, live or virtual classroom!


Shihan Stephen Del Castillo

Founding Master Instructor, Krav Maga Martial Arts












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