Brunchies Rocks – And So Do We!


It’s Shihan Steve at KMMA. I took my wife to breakfast this morning. It was so awesome to be able to actually sit down and eat together! Can you relate?


I was surprised at how many of the local breakfast places remained closed. I was happy to see Brunchiesopen.


I was so very impressed by so many things there:

  • the young man helping us, Michael, was friendly, knowledgable and helpful. He obvisouly was content with Brunchies and obviously took ownership in their mission and success, including superb customer service and an above and beyond experience.
  • They were open and taking all obvious precautions of sanitation and social distancing.
  • They are in tune with their customer needs- they even had a keto substitution option that was a good one! That was a great example of observing the goals and needs of their customers and then meeting them!
  • Michael and his wife both worked there. The other team members seemed really happy too. You could se a positive and professional family culture.


Why am I bragging on somebody else’s business?

Well, for one, I want to support other small businesses in the fight, doing everything they can to survive and thrive in this time.


For another, I believe that my team and our mission apply the same positive traits at KMMA; improvising, adapting and overcoming to accomplish our mission of empowering lives through our program while constantly and consumately looking for new and better ways to serve our customers better- in spite of and sometimes because of the obsacles created by the current pandemic.


We WILL be open for business as soon as allowed to and, when we do, we will be ready with above and beyond sanitary practices and attendance policies that make our business as safe as possible, exceeding CDC and state requirements and reccomendations.


Until then, we continue to provide amazing classes and activities in the virtual classroom:

  • The first ever Virtual Parent’s Night Out! is this Friday! It’s a free community event! Get your kid in front of the TV, computer, tablet or smartphone with KMMA Sensei and enjoy a little time with your spouse!
  • The first ever Krav Maga Martial Arts

Virtual Mini Camp!   Ultimate self defense training from the comofort of your own home! You will have fun, get a great workout and learn something new and all participants will even get a recording of the whole seminar!

  • I also have made a personal commitment to providing free KMMA classes to 1,000 students in our communities this month! It sounds crazy but we can do it! (with your help)
    • Here’s how:
      • KMMA will personally (virtually) come to your school, church, studio, camp or other organization FOR FREE and provide you a FUN, educational, exciting and entertaining class for the kids!
      • KMMA will likewise personally and virtually come to your gymn, club or workplace FOR FREE and give an a fun and practical self defense class and/or kickboxing workout to your group or team!
      • We bring the plan, the staff and the technology. You provide only the audience!
      • To schedule us in for YOUR group, email me at